Its db from White Roof Radio, and this is my story

a little bit of fun

So I was in Vegas this week. Yes, I caved to serious peer pressure.


Todd and I are hanging out at the House of Blues in Las Vegas with Neil from BSSP thinking…

Gabe should really be here for this

Cocktail induced brainstorming begins. We stand in a triangle, pull out the Razrs (yes, all 3 of us had the same phone) and do the following:

I take Neil’s picture

Neil takes Todd’s picture

Todd takes my picture.

Then, at the same time, we send them to Gabe.

His reply?

From his house in Chicago.

Good times, good times!

15 thoughts on “a little bit of fun

  1. Maybe gabe should have used MINIUSA “get out of work free card” and made some of those Quarantine soundboard remarks….hahaha

    You guys know how to party!
    I am not missing this one DB!

  2. OBEHAVE! I presume it’s because he couldn’t or didn’t go on the MTTS’s thing… my sentiments also.. Lucky guys!

  3. my god gabe’s got a long finger.

    There’s so many places I could go with that… but I’ll leave that for another day. But yes, it has been noted in the past that I possess freakishly large hands.

    I have a theory that Gabe sits in front of the mirror a lot practicing his angry teenager look.

    Actually that’s not the angry teenager look. That’s the “I’ve got your Vegas right here” look.

    And before anyone asks, no I wasn’t drunk or under the influnce or anything. The red eyes and tired look were a combination of old contacts and being completely exhaust after an evening run.

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