What The Hell Do I Do With This

Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys! Holy shit, I bought a car with an automatic transmission! Can you believe it? WTF brand of artisanal crack was I smoking when that happened. Like, seriously, what the actual (delete expletive)?!? Dear dbmini.us reader & whiteroofradio.com listener, You weren’t dreaming. One of the loudest members of Team Manual Transmission […]

First Wash

Took longer than I wanted to get this done, but did my first drive way wash with the new Roadster this weekend. Nothing fancy, just a bucket and a hose. And I have some notes. The top is in desperate need of some 303. It acted like a sponge when the water hit it. Overall, […]


When last we met, you already knew that I was trying to get out of Bruce and into something different. If you play the DonBurnside™ home game, you already know what happened. But, because I’m a giant nerd and am feeling the need to write, you get the words. I did a bit more research […]