Auto Week reviews the JCW MCS

We’ve read them all to be sure, but the last paragraph:

Indeed near thirty grand is serious green for a small sub-subcompact. But look at it as a fast German-engineered sports coupe massaged by one of the most highly regarded tuners in the world, then it’s definitely worth it.

Really says it all.

Auto Week || JCW MCS review @ Motoringfile

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  1. Yah buddy!

    I have a neighbor who has a new ‘vette and is always asking when I’m gonna get a “Real Car”. His is at the dealer at least once every other month. I have invited him to meet me up at Willow several times with money on the line… still waiting Curt?

    Maybe it was the article I showed him on Targa Newfounland of 2005 that made his trunks fall.

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