Build Your Own Coupe

Why not, I did.

BRG II with Black Roof. And I really love those wheels! Interior looks something like this.

Classy, right?

Oh yea, because it’s how I roll, this is configured as a Cooper, price is $31,000US. Cooper S came to $32,500.

If wishing made it so. Go on, do some wishing of your own.

Some other changes that you might have missed.

  • When ordering JCW Package (as opposed to a JCW MINI), you can not order it with Spice Orange
  • When Ordering a BRG II (pictured above) hardtop (R56), you are not able to specify the Toffee interior, but you can on the coupe.

What did you find that struck you as weird? How much is your Coupe going to cost? Sound off below!


  1. Configured price $45,723 Mine will be less because some of those items will be purchased over time. From the factory it comes out $40,700 that makes me feel just a bit better.


  2. I went through a similar S vs Cooper pricing with the configurator when I got my mini. Came to the same conclusion – similarly equipped the difference in cost was under 2000. For that you got another 70hp and better brakes.


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