Tales from AMVIV X: #1

So. Did I happen to mention to you guys that I drove a Ferrari?

I was as awesome as you can imagine. No, it was way awesomer than that! I also got to drive a Lambo and a Jag on this same day. I was also asked “what’s it like to be you” later this night, but that’s for a later post.

In Vegas, you want to check out World Class Driving. Those guys are pretty damned awesome and offer you, the regular Joe, the opportunity to drive several different kinds of cars that you normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to drive. On the day I went out, the choices were Jag, Lambo, Ferrari, Corvette Z-06, Shelby Mustang or an SRT Charger.

The Super Car tour costs about $500. You get the chance to drive up to 3 different cars (that do change, you would want to call for availability) in the Nevada desert. Keep in mind, this will be at the posted speed limit and you are escorted with a lead and a chase car. They don’t just hand you the keys to a $US1,000,000 sports car and say have it.

The guides were super friendly and knowledgeable about the cars. They want to make sure that you are having a great time and it shows. I know I had a **brilliant** time driving these cars and would recommend it to anyone.

If you are heading to Vegas and looking to do something that’s a little different and have the cash, check out World Class Driving. You won’t be sorry!


Been a bit of a week. Let’s start with photos from AMVIV. All of the photos that are fit to be shared are on my Flickr, with my favorites in a gallery here (below). Audio from the pool party will be going up on Monday, so keep an eye out for that.

I haven’t had the time to tell you about my drive home from AMVIV. Besides my battery going dead because it was used as an iPhone charger all weekend, about an hour **outside of Vegas** my air conditioning went out. That means I had a delightful almost-5 hour drive in +105 temps. Not only that, but I had an additional 3 days like that while waiting for parts to be procured. Total cost was about $500. We’ll talk more about that later.

Coming up is MTTS. NY to LA and I’m going the entire distance! Todd’s doing it too! We expect to see everyone along the way that can make it. We are also in the planning stages of another White Roof Radio Live, happening possibly in Chicago! Details will be made available as they become available, so stay tuned!

Challenge: Accepted

For those of you that aren’t on the AMVIV mailing list, you missed this nugget that was sent out earlier this week.

>Have you been a “Tool” lately? Perhaps you’re wondering if anyone nominated you for a dip. OR maybe you are wondering who’s face can I throw a ball at, who will I get an opportunity to dunk?

>Wait no longer this is the current line up for Dunk’n:

Of course, I’ve been nominated to take a shift on the bench!

>DB – I saw this one coming from a mile away! Congratulations!! I’m not going to lie I had numerous calls, emails and smoke signals. Personally I think people just want to contain you for a bit, and throw balls at you! You can apologize from behind the cage. Pack something water proof and report for duty at 9:15 AM

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Your old pal db is going to ride a shift in the dunk tank at AMVIV on Saturday morning at 9:15a. Since this is for charity, I’m all in! I’m not the only one, no sir. Kellen from Craven has a turn, auto detailers to the stars Richard Lin does too, as well as Mr. Lost Coffee himself, John Paulsen! Plus a few others and probably more not named.

So, this is for charity, right? That means I’m instantly turning this into a competition. Proceeds go to S.A.F.E. House in Las Vegas, so it’s win win no matter what. But I want my turn on the bench to bring in more donations then everyone else’s and I’m hoping for your help!

Face it, you’ve had it in for me for at least a year, possibly longer. Take that out with a righteously placed ball that will satisfyingly place me into a (what I can only imagine to be) a tank of icy cold water on Saturday at 9:15, Palace Station, NV.

Who’s in?

Window Repair: It’s about Time

Something that I’ve been waiting to repair for at least the last 2 years is something to do with either of the front windows in my MINI. I was expecting a motor to blow out at the very least. Last week my wish was granted, but not in the shape of the motor. What you are looking at above is the regulator.

For you old school types, the regulator replaces the scissor-lift style found in those older American car door panels. A series of pulleys, gears and cables now handles the movement of the window up and down.

It started and a really bad crunching sound when putting my window down, and it wouldn’t complete the journey. I could manually move the window by hand, but it got to the point where it wouldn’t stay up. Insert your own joke here.

Part procured from MINI of Ontario, installed in short order at Euro Techs in Arizona and I was back in business!

We are getting ready to kick MINI event season into high gear! AMVIV is next week and I can’t wait! We’ll be there hanging out, taking photos and doing what we do. Follow that up with MINI Takes the States 2012, and I’m looking at having a pretty busy summer! Where am I going to get to hang out with you? Comments are open!

AMVIV 9 – Did Your Register?

AMVIV, A MINI Vaction in Vegas, is coming up very soon! Starting June 14th and ending on the 17th this year at Palace Station, it’s my favorite event of the year! Almost the entire White Roof Radio crew will be there too!

And, for those of you not on the email list, this came in today to remind you that early registration closes on May 11th!

It’s about that time! Early registration for AMVIV is May 11, if you haven’t signed up yet I encourage you to click on this link and sign up!


Check this out, the “Strip Cruise” this AMVIV will be run in our pajama’s! Of course pajama’s are optional* and you are encouraged to motor the runway in your own fashion!! Maybe you would rather rock a zombie outfit, it’s your run! I am told that our very own Agro might have some ORANGE pj’s/tutu for this very motor, and as always some pre-motor hugs!

Jules was been spotted “buttering up” security at Palace this week! Rumor has it she was posting wanted photo’s of the Evil Twins at “5b” and schmoozing with Security. She’s definitely up to something interesting! Like us on Facebook to follow her mayhem! Click this link if you still need to get your room!

That is just a taste of the sweet goodness we have in store for you at this years event! Soon we will be adding a section to our site that has “alternative activities” for you to explore while on your MINI Vacation in Vegas!

You can register **right now** **right here**. And Palace Station is actually kicking in some strong discounts on rooms this year, and you don’t get charged when you book your room!