Its db from White Roof Radio, and this is my story

Tech Prep for #swminifest


Heading to Southwest MINI Fest this weekend? Want to make sure you are in the loop for all updates and always know what is going on? Here are a few things that you can do.


Relax. I know you don’t use Twitter and don’t want an account. That’s cool. Here is how you can get instant updates without an account and for free. Bee tee dubs, this also works if you already have a twitter account. You will need to have a phone that can receive text messages. **Any phone**, not just smart phones. Here is what you do:

Send a text message to 40404 with the words follow swminifest.

That’s it. From that point forward you will receive instant updates via sms. Works on all phones and even works if you are already following @swminifest on Twitter.

The Schedule

The schedule page is really clever. There are map links to almost all of the events. Bookmark it and create an icon on one of your home screens for quick and easy access.

Hopefully these will help you get the most out of the event. That and sunscreen and plenty of water (it is the desert after all) and you’ll be all set! Can’t wait to see everyone this weekend.

DMC: Coffee to Coolige Rally

Because every rally needs a clever title


Something that I haven’t done in a very long time is drive with a bunch of other MINIs from point A to point B. Something that I rectified today with a short run with the Dynamic MINI Collective, the MINI Club here in Arizona. Both Stella and I went and we had a great time!

First up with the off. Something else that I’ve been doing is hanging out with some of the club members on Friday Mornings at a coffee shop called Dutch Bros. That was also the location of today’s starting point.

Good morning.

Then, at 8:00 am _sharp_ we headed south to Coolige. Luckily we were graced with green lights most of the way and only had to stop once to let everyone catch up. About an hour later, we pulled up to the airport.

View from the runway

Once a month they host a fly-in. Some planes fly-in, people get an awesome Lion’s Club breakfast, and they fly, um, out. It was pretty neat to see the older planes, especially the 4 that flew in **in formation** right over the tarmac. I had a mouth full of bacon, otherwise I would have gotten some video or photos or something. It was pretty rad.

A great time was had by all as usually happens when a bunch of MINI owners get together in one place. Full photos shoot can be found over Flickr. I also just got a sneak peak of Stella’s photos and they are pretty amazing! I’ll be sure to give y’all a heads up when they are available.

10 Years Ago

10 years ago today MINI created MINIUSA to support sales of the ‘new’ MINI Cooper in the United States.

10 years ago, many of you (myself included) ordered/bought/drove your first ‘new’ MINI Cooper.

If you told me, 10 years ago, half of the things I would get to do in the next 10 years, I would have called bullshit.

If you told me, 10 years ago, of all the cool people I was going to meet and call friends, I would have been excited.

10 years, 400,000 MINIs. Good on ya MINIUSA, good on ya.

White Roof Radio Live

It’s been far too long since we all got together. Wait a tic, adding Nathaniel to the mix means we never have. That means a party is definitely in order!

Join us Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 at Detroit Tuned for White Roof Radio Live! Gabe, Todd, db, Chad, and Nathaniel will be gathering to record Woofcast 400 and wanted to invite you along for the show. There will be food, drink and some sweet MINIs including the MF Countryman and Gabe’s new BMW. Plus, there are rumors of a Coupe or two — one of them getting some killer stripes from Todd!

Not enough for you? How about a caravan to Detroit Tuned from Chicago on Saturday, with a possible stop at Bell’s Brewery? Done and done.

It’s not often that we get a chance to get together, but it’s always a fantastic party when it does. Those of you that have been to AMVIV, MTTS or MINI United know what we mean.

Full details, including a great deal on a hotel room that is walking distance from Detroit Tuned can be found here. We also have an event page on Facebook and think it would be keen if you could RSVP if you plan on going, or not.

We can’t wait! Can you?

Doing our Part

You remember when I said this back in March.

>Instead of placing blame, I’m instead going to choose to help educate where I can like a proper fan boy should. I will continue to let all y’all know that it’s time to check your oil. Help spread the word that the MINI is safe and reliable by evidence of the ’03 MINI Cooper that is rapidly approaching 250,000 miles on the odometer. And I will continue to encourage MINI owners to send questions into the show so that Chad and the rest of us can help answer them.

Today, I continued and here are some tips for you to do the same.

MINI Owner After Sales

Imagine you are out a club outting or dealer function, much like I was today for the first Sunday meet-up at MINI of Tempe. You’re hanging out, checking out the cars, seeing who likes the Countryman, talking about the Coupe, wondering what kind of wheels that person has on their MINI. You’ve been there.
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