WRC MINI vs. Skeleton Bob

For those that haven’t seen the latest Top Gear yet.

Overall a great episode. What you don’t see in this clip is Capt. Slow tearing around the hills in a Rally Mini Cooper S. Awesome.

It’s really not that hard to find these before they hit BBC America. You just have to know where to look.

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MINI Super Bowl Ad

Well would you look at that. Our favorite car maker pony’d up for a Super Bowl commericial. Yes, that Super Bowl. Take the 30 seconds to watch it in case you missed it.

As far as Super Bowl commercials go, it wasn’t bad. For the night, I ranked it in the top 15 of all of the commercials. Wouldn’t you know that there are real rankings for these things and the MINI commercial didn’t fare near as well as I ranked it.

Ad Meter actually scores and ranks the commercials. See the list here but I can save you the click. With a score of 5.30, it ranked near the bottom.

As far as MINI commercials go, I don’t think it was a great one. Personally, I think the Countryman ‘Flow’ commercial was much better and would have been a better choice for this spot.

Comments are open, what did you think?

Personally, I think the Chrysler 200 (in Detroit) was the best, and it’s nowhere near the top of that list.

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Geeks Drive MINIs

I’m a geek. That is a pretty well known fact. Wil Wheaton, too, is a geek. Another well known fact. Turns out his wife drives a MINI and when he gets to drive it, he gets excited about the chance to do the ‘MINI wave’.

“I’m totally going to do the Mini wave,” I said. The Mini wave is something our friend Troy told us about when Anne got her car. He said that, by owning a Mini, we were granted admission to a secret club with other Mini owners who will park next to us, wave at us, and let us change lanes in front of them in traffic.

I waited until the appropriate moment, and lifted my left hand off the wheel, shaking it quickly to one side and back. It’s a very cool move that I may or may not have practiced a few dozen times to get just right.

I waited for the oncoming Mini driver to return the gesture, acknowledging and thus solidifying our mutual relationship in the secret Mini club, but it passed us without so much as a glance, much less the Mini wave I’d been so excited to receive.

A fun read if you have the time. via.

Nice to know that even Hollywood types don’t get the wave either. I was starting to think it was me.

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The WC50 Announced for US

I’ve seen this MINI in person and it’s truly brilliant. And, at the last MINI United, I was able to crawl in, on and around it to get some up close and personal photos that you can see below. For a complete list of features and pricing for the US, be sure to check out MotoringFilefor the exclusive information.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

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The R60

MINI Countryman

In case you missed it yesterday, MotoringFile got ahold of a few leaked photos of the new R60. After that happened, instead of waiting a few weeks for further photos and details, MINI went ahead and released all of the photos which Gabe has posted along with some analysis of the newest MINI model. Worth the read when you get a chance.

Comments so far are pretty positive which is very rare for Motoringfile these days and it’s refreshing to see. Personally, I like this MINI. I like the idea, I like the way it looks, I love the interior improvements and don’t even mind the ginormous badge on the back (ala PT Cruiser) that is used to open the boot door.

Would I own one?

That’s a very interesting question. I keep reading that there are lots of people that would love to put this MINI in their driveway. I’m not sure I’m one of them. I really love the idea of having a MINI that can carry 4 passengers and also have that optional all wheel drive. But, if I’m honest, those are features that I don’t really need. I also love the changes to the interior and hope that some of those changes make their way into the other models when they refresh.

This is also yet another MINI that we won’t be able to get with a diesel option in the United States. This is a car that would love that powertrain, and I am a driver that would like to have it, but the hippies and tree-huggers that run this fine state I live in have seen to it that we don’t get a decent oil burner. Too bad.

I also have a feeling that this car, even in Cooper trim, will be priced much higher than I could comfortably afford and I can’t even fathom what the JCW-All4 beast will cost. Either way, I think this is a car starts getting into the ‘how much is too much for a MINI’ category. At least for me.

I love the way it looks, love the interior and love the idea of this MINI and all that it can potentially do. I just don’t think it’s a MINI for me. But, you are going to let me drive yours around the block once or twice, right?

Go on over to Motoringfile for Gabe’s fantastic analysis and some great photos. And, you can bet we’ll be talking about this during Woofcast 322 next week.

And go over and read what Nathaniel has to say. Equally interesting.

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