A different side of #mtts2014


I am writing you today barely 24 hours after the end of #mtts2014. This isn’t my recap since I’ve barely been able to assimilate myself back into society. Best I’ve managed is to have clean underwear. This is about something else that I experienced during the event that struck me more than anything else.

I started working in the restaurant industry right after high school. Started as a prep cook, worked my way up to assistant kitchen manager and became a corporate trainer before getting into a management position. During this time I has the opportunity to work with people who literally shaped the way I do business today.

The company I worked invented kick ass customer service for the restaurant industry. The service standards we perfected were copied by every chain, large and small. It was, in short, that every employee, from the host and bus staff, all the way back to the kitchen, had the ability to guarantee, no matter what, the guest experience. No manager intervention necessary. It just happened, because that’s the way it should be. No matter what.

MINI Takes the States 2014 was a tremendous undertaking. 1,000’s of people, 400+ MINI Coopers (daily) plus anything and everything else you can think of. The numbers were huge. And, with those kinds of numbers, you would expect a few things to go wrong. And they did.

But here’s the thing. When they went wrong, they were fixed. If person A couldn’t handle it, person B took up the slack before handing it back to person A. There was follow-up. There were hands on repairs by regional managers. Stuff was getting done, done well and in short order to get folks back on the road.

No matter what.

I watched as some of my friends became part of the numbers. And every time it was corrected. Not because they were my friends, but because that was how things were being done. Even if MINIUSA couldn’t do anything to fix an issue, they still managed to find a way to try to lessen the blow. Flowers, a very nice massage at the next stop, personal attention, phone calls, follow-up.

Not many people said anything about their personal experiences on the internet, but I heard the stories and knew it happened, which is why I’m sharing it with you. MINIUSA is really knocking it out of the park and I wanted to make sure you guys knew about it.

We are still closing out #mtts2014. Besides the almost 400 photos we shared, coast-to-coast, we have posted 3 audio pieces and have more to come, including some great audio of an amazing exhaust system that should be coming by the end of the year. Trust me, you can’t wait to hear it!



Sneaking ever closer to the magical 300K mark. I have some plans to make it a little more fun after MTTS, so watch for that. Since my battery corrosion issue and this:


Everything has been as expected. Oh, that? I’m guessing it was either a defective plug or an issue with the sleeve that was installed in that cylinder. Plugs are (relatively) new and all of the others check out. The cylinder has been re-sleeved and the plug was replaced. Obviously. Now I’m down to only 2 major mechanical issues to sort; power steering hoses and strut tower mount. These will have to wait a little bit longer since I’m still recovering from the transmission swap. Once complete, Jerry says just a few minor suspension things to knock out. So far, so good.


Since you all already play the home game, you know that Todd and I will be going the whole way. You’ll be able to keep up with everything we do over at whiteroofradio.com and all of our associated Social Media sites. Since 2006, we have covered in some way, shape or form, MINI Takes the States. I expect this year to be better than ever since we have added a few volunteers to the mix to help out. Besides that, a few other changes will help us really knock it out of the park (my words).

Personally, I’m very excited for it. The route looks fantastic! I’ll be able to spend some quality time with an F56 S and see all of you along the way! Hearing over 2,000 have actually registered and there are more than 300 that are going all that way! That it really awesome!

Also really awesome we will be hosting the morning meeting (for lack of a better word). Todd and I getting to talk to large groups of people are the kind of thing we live for. It’s exciting and I personally can’t wait!

If you are going to be on any of the legs, make it a point to find me. It’s been a while and I would like to say hi.


Been a bit of a week. Let’s start with photos from AMVIV. All of the photos that are fit to be shared are on my Flickr, with my favorites in a gallery here (below). Audio from the pool party will be going up on Monday, so keep an eye out for that.

I haven’t had the time to tell you about my drive home from AMVIV. Besides my battery going dead because it was used as an iPhone charger all weekend, about an hour **outside of Vegas** my air conditioning went out. That means I had a delightful almost-5 hour drive in +105 temps. Not only that, but I had an additional 3 days like that while waiting for parts to be procured. Total cost was about $500. We’ll talk more about that later.

Coming up is MTTS. NY to LA and I’m going the entire distance! Todd’s doing it too! We expect to see everyone along the way that can make it. We are also in the planning stages of another White Roof Radio Live, happening possibly in Chicago! Details will be made available as they become available, so stay tuned!

Window Repair: It’s about Time

Something that I’ve been waiting to repair for at least the last 2 years is something to do with either of the front windows in my MINI. I was expecting a motor to blow out at the very least. Last week my wish was granted, but not in the shape of the motor. What you are looking at above is the regulator.

For you old school types, the regulator replaces the scissor-lift style found in those older American car door panels. A series of pulleys, gears and cables now handles the movement of the window up and down.

It started and a really bad crunching sound when putting my window down, and it wouldn’t complete the journey. I could manually move the window by hand, but it got to the point where it wouldn’t stay up. Insert your own joke here.

Part procured from MINI of Ontario, installed in short order at Euro Techs in Arizona and I was back in business!

We are getting ready to kick MINI event season into high gear! AMVIV is next week and I can’t wait! We’ll be there hanging out, taking photos and doing what we do. Follow that up with MINI Takes the States 2012, and I’m looking at having a pretty busy summer! Where am I going to get to hang out with you? Comments are open!