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Damn. I drive a good lookin' car. #mini

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As I’m continuing to drive roxy home from the moon (almost at 301k), teh lad asked me over dinner about how many of this or that I have had to replace on Roxy. Turns out, I’m on the third of many things.

  • Transmission & Clutch
  • A/C
  • Alternator
  • K & N Filter element
  • Windscreen

The top three are items you don’t want to be on the 3rd of, for obvious reasons. And for those of you wondering about the K & N filter, sure you can clean them, but after 100K miles, why not spend the $50 to replace? Standard drop-in filter would be replaced at least 10 times in 100K miles, making the K & N the more frugal choice.

I had to do a half-assed brake job last week to replace the pads that were done. I had a back-up set that were lightly used that I put on and are doing the job for the time being. A full, 4-wheel, brake job is on the short list. Also moving to that short list is an oil change and alignment.

Otherwise, still keeping an eye out for what’s next. Everything is going well on Roxy right now and I’m hoping to be able to put off getting another car until next March. Fingers crossed if you please.

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Three Hundred Thousand

2014-10-06 18.23.35

As I like to say, done and done.

What’s next?

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Roxy Has Had a Week

A week or two ago, she was having trouble starting. It became more and more of an issue until she went completely dead last weekend, leaving me stranded. Twice. Battery replaced, everything was ok for about 6 miles until she left me stranded again. Turns out, corrosion was the issue and I spent the remainder of my weekend wondering where my car skills disappear too.

Skip ahead about a week, driving from PHX to California to watch my youngest niece graduate high school. During this drive there are 2 major grades that are more than 30 miles long. During the first one, Roxy went into limp mode. After I let her rest for about 15 minutes, she was ok until the next big grade. Same problem happened. This time I let her rest for about 20 minutes and she’s been good since. The SES light is on and Eurotechs has been alerted to the issue.

Just slightly over 5K to go to hit 300K. I hope she makes it.

In the meantime, just so you guys know, I have been poking around the used market to see what is available and what the price range is. Nice to see LCI R56s in the 15K-ish range.

Finally got around to replacing the windscreen too. This is only the third she has had since 2003. I color myself lucky, but really, the last one should have been changed back in ’08.

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Not the Noise I Wanted to Hear

roxy on the lift

New axles have been on the list for quite some time. Associated with bad axles are noises. Noises that I got used to hearing and knew what they were. Noises that I didn’t really worry too much about, since I knew replacements were ready and waiting.

2 days before I started hearing a new noise. Actually not new, it’s one that I heard 10 years ago. It’s the noise of a dying Midlands transmission. At least I’m pretty sure. Really noticeable, now, in 4th and 5th at highway speeds, its like a high pitched whine/clicking noise. It is hard to describe. Trust me when I say it is not pleasant.

Plans A and B have been put into place. I’m pretty sure plan B will be the more inexpensive route and, at the same time, yield the best results. I just don’t want to activate Plan C yet unless absolutely necessary. And, really, I won’t know more until Jerry gets her back on the rack to drive test and hear the sound and check everything out.

So close. Less than 9k miles to go and that damned Midlands decides to crap out. Still, in the grand scheme of things, 10 years and almost 250K miles is pretty damned impressive for anything. My fridge isn’t even that old!

Updates as they happen.

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On the Way to 300K; 290,900


(more photos in my flickr stream)

This week I will pass 291,000 miles on my MINI. Actually, should be happening on Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. Everything is going as expected and very little has changed. Up next? Axles (this week) and time to refit some track day tires on the extra wheels. More about that in a coming post. Finally, I’m hoping before summer is in full spring to get the oil pan gasket taken care of.

Already done? Besides a complete exterior detail (or, my version of said detail), I had all of the windows re-tinted. Window tint was the first mod I did on Roxy, going 35% all the way around. That was 11 years ago. The tint had faded and was scratched, and tint technology has come along way since then. Now, all of the windows are again tinted 35% (this time legally, suck it California) with ceramic tint. Supposed to block 75% of the heat coming into the car. I have tested it, and it’s like this.

You know what it’s like to open an oven door to check the cookies? Rolling down the window on the sunny side of the car with this tint is exactly like that. Amazing but true. So glad I got this one redone.

Also on the short list is new windscreen. This one is also long over due, but I’m hoping this week.

Re: new tires. Yea. Because race car. Stay tuned for more!

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