My First Indoor Karting Adventure


This was something completely new for me, and I had a blast! Indoor karting isn’t the newest thing on the block, and I know that most of you have already done this or do this on a regular basis. This was my first time _actually_ on a kart track of this kind, and it was pretty awesome!

Unlike many kart houses, the one that I went to here in Phoenix actually has gasoline powered carts. Producing roughly 8HP, they have a top speed of 45 MPH. Sure, that doesn’t sound like very much to you JCW drivers, but when you put that in a chassis that rides about 1/2″ off the ground, rolling on wheels and tires that are about 5″ in diameter, total, it’s amazing the sensation of speed you get. Continue reading “My First Indoor Karting Adventure”

This Might Be a Problem


Woke up today with a pretty busy calendar. Started off nice and early checking out a new location of my favorite coffee shop and getting a free quad shot decaf latte (don’t judge). Also in the day was lunch. And between coffee and lunch there was a Scion FR-S test drive.

And I went.

I want to start by saying that I think this car **should** be cross shopped with the JCW MINIs. It might be crossed shopped with the MCSs too. And I think both cars will lose. Continue reading “This Might Be a Problem”

MINI vs. Fiat 500

You saw the story already. A blog post by the President of F.L.U.C.C., posted at and to be talked about on the podcast. It’s a “list” of 75 reasons why, essentially, the Fiat 500 is better than the MINI.

If you have taken the time like a proper MINI owner, you already know that most of that list is rubbish. By our counts, there are only 3 or 4 actual facts in that article. Nice way to do research Mr. “So Called” President of a “So Called” Fiat/Lancia Club.

Sure the MINI costs more. Sure you have to pay for metallic paint. And you don’t get Bluetooth connectivity for free. But here’s the thing.

The Fiat 500 is **not** a MINI.

While the car is new, I don’t hear anyone clamoring to go to Fiats on the Dragon or A Fiat Vacation in Vegas. Not to mention anything like a MTTS style event.

I might be speaking out of turn because I haven’t actually driven a Fiat 500 yet, but based on everything that I have read, it is not anywhere near as fun to drive as the MINI. Sure it’s a looker and the interior is pretty nice, but I don’t buy a car to look at it or sit in it.

I buy a car to **drive** it.

Now, before all ya’ll start talking about the Abarth, just stop. That’s a car that’s not available in the States yet. We can burn that bridge later this year. Rumor is that it is a hoot to drive, but we don’t know how it will be priced.

Now to add my bit to the 150 reasons why to buy a MINI.

From one former Car Club President to another, it would suit you fine to do a bit of research before making a post such as yours. There is a good chance that you could steal some MINI owners and I can tell you from experience that they appreciate accuracy, among other things.

Finally, a PS. With the prior rep that Fiat has in the States, covering your blog with ads from Fiat garages _might_ not be the best idea.

Comments are open.

GP #0083 is was For Sale

**UPDATE**: GP#0083 is no longer owned by Mr. Todd Pearson. the eBay auction was successful and he sold it Sunday night.

Todd's GP

2,000 were hand-made in Italy.

412 came to the United States.

32 were delivered at Laguna Seca. Including this one.

That’s right gang, you have read it correctly. Todd is selling his first GP, 0083. You can get the full skinny about the sale over at this ebay auction.

From Todd:
>As many know, I was so in love with the GP that a couple years later I bought a second one when it showed up at my local dealer. The car is that great. After almost a year with two GPs, I’ve made the tough decision to sell that first GP. You read that correctly. At the risk of sounding self-serving, I’m writing about it here because it’s a rare car with a great history and, while a GP shows up for sale now and then, it’s nice to be able to let the MINI enthusiast community know about a great car like this when it becomes available

We talk about this on tonights show. As you would expect, it’s in showroom condition, both in visual appearance and operation. Actually, better than showroom since Todd has added a few JCW bits to the interior that are staying with the MINI. Not to mention it’s been signed by Mike Cooper.

All that plus. This is the MINI that helped put White Roof Radio on the map. MTTS was created for **this** MINI and it was our first time covering a live event from start to finish. And it got everyone’s attention.

This MINI has been to the Dragon, numerous club events, talked about endless on the show and served as Todd’s good weather daily driver since 2006.

Todd really wants this one to go to a good home, which is why you are reading about here, on Motoringfile and on his Facebook page. The auction closes Sunday.

Go on, get yourself a piece of history!