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GoMotoring.com still down

Have you guys seen this?

>GoMotoring is temporarily not available as we are changing to our new content. It will be re-launched the week of December 12th. We’ll have LOTS of FREE goodies to give away in our first 60-90 days, so tell all your Mini & MINI friends to bookmark www.GoMotoring.com please. GoMotoring is part of the MC2 magazine family, so check us out at www.mc2magazine.com


Many years ago, Mark Vogler came up with the idea to build a site that would bring in feeds from any and all MINI Blogs he could find. I always thought it was cool and a good resource for those that never really got the hang of using an RSS reader. I even helped a bit with the backend code on the latest version.

And now it’s gone. They did leave the year out, so here’s to hoping that it comes back in December of 2012. Meanwhile, if you are looking for something to replace GoMotoring.com, check out the Motoringfile News Room. All the MINI and automotive news you could want, all in 1 place.

Another Electric MINI

Sure we all followed along with the factory electic cars. There was that one company that was also selling electric MINIs through Sam’s Club a while back. Now, CravenSpeed has gotten into the game and they just did their first test drive of their electric R53.

The donor MINI is a 2002 R53. Great testbed for such a conversion. Be sure to click back to read all about their progress.

Anyone have any interest in doing something like this to your MINI? $25k seems pretty reasonable for this kind of conversion seems pretty reasonable to me.

Another MINI for Sale

This time, by our good friend Jim Skater. His GP can be found for sale at Brecht MINI in San Diego County, California in the next few days. If you are looking for one, this would be the one to buy!

Like many of you, I couldn’t think of Jim driving anything except a MINI. Don’t worry, he didn’t let us down.

Internet, meet Fred.

Even bought it _off the lot_! I know, I know, that’s what I said. When I tried to reach him for comment, I only got VM ’cause I think he was putting the Clubman through it’s paces up Mt. Palomar!

Hope to see it at AMVIV!. Congrats Jim!