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Black Roof Radio #305

Here is a short bit that I pulled out of the upcoming Woofcast 305. We all go on a bit of rant concerning dealer service. I didn’t think it was terribly appropriate for the show, so I’m hiding it over here instead.

Woofcast 305 goes up Monday at 6:00a PST. Watch for it!

**WARNING** This was only edited for length, not content. There is an F bomb or two in here.


Download | 2.25MB | 4:51

New Feature at WRR!

If you missed it at White Roof Radio, we are starting a new feature called **Ask Chad**.


That’s right, WRR is starting something new! After spending sometime with Chad Miller from Detroit Tuned during Woofcast 301, we thought it would be fun if we could get you, the WRR listener, to send in questions that Chad could answer. As it turns out, you think it’s a good idea too, based on the great feedback we’ve received this week!

Here’s the dealio. If you have a question about modifying, repairing or maintaining your MINI, shoot that over to askchad@whiteroofradio.com or call the WRR voicemail line at (206) 202-3252. When we get enough questions, we’ll get Chad back on the show to get those questions answered.

To start with we are shooting for twice a month. But, if we get enough questions, we might do it weekly!

WRR Turns 4!

A Cakes?

That’s right boys and girls. Today marks the 4th anniversary of White Roof Radio! And in that time we’ve done some pretty cool stuff like.

  • Covered AMVIV more than a few times
  • Covered MTTS. Twice
  • Covered MINI United. Twice
  • Drove from Miami to Boston with 3 people in a MINI
  • Drove on 2 World Class F1 Circuits
  • Met almost all of you at some point
  • Covered almost every major MINI Event in the United States
  • Interviewed everyone that is anyone in the MINI Community

For those of you that have stuck with us this long. Thanks! For those of you that might be new to WRR, take a few minutes and cruise through the Archives. There is some great stuff there.

What’s next? How about Todd at MItM this coming weekend? Ok, we can do that. How about WRR at the Dragon next year? We are actually **seriously** working on that as I type as well (still depends on the timing of MTTS). Plus anything else we can think of, and somethings that others have thought up for us. Check out Woof301 next week for one such thing.

It’s been fun! And, as long as you keep listening, we’ll keep making shows!

Changes under the White Roof

A repost from WRR, for those of you that might have missed it.

In an effort to bring a little consistency and organization to things, I have dropped feedblitz as the WRR subscription service. This means that if you were subscribed to White Roof Radio via email, you won’t be receiving those any more.

That is not to say that you are no longer able to subscribe to WRR via email. I have changed the service to a different provider that should be able to provide faster updates consistently.

If you would like to subscribe to WRR via email, you can do so below. Want to follow WRR other ways? Check out the subscribe page for all of the options like iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, Friend Feed and RSS.

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MINI United Update

50year3MINI United is coming up in less than 60 days, which is a perfect time for us to get together with Gina Kutros, Shows and Events Manager from MINIUSA. She answers questions about extra costs involved and gives us the low down on what MINIUSA has planned for those going to MINI United from the US.

If you are in the US and planning on going, be sure to register through MINIUSA here. You can get all of the information from the invitation and be sure to keep an eye on miniunited.com for updates. You can set up a free account there as well so you can connect with others that are going.

Not able to make it? Not to worry! White Roof Radio will be, bringing you interviews, photos and video as it happens from Silverstone!

MINI United Update: [audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3?http://www.whiteroofradio.com/podcasts/mu/wrr_2009mu1.mp3]

Download | 4.6MB | 9:54 | WRR @ iTunes