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An Argument for Window Tint

broken window

Driving into work this morning, as I do. Driving next to a slightly lifted Chevy pickup when there is a sudden POP! I look over and see this. Pretty damn scary, if I’m honest. I was able to continue my journey to work without issue and did not have to spend any time picking shards of glass out of my person or Roxy because my windows are tinted. Super glad about that, as you can imagine.

Anyway. Replacement scheduled for Saturday and insurance will reimburse me for the tint up to $50. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Project Roxy: Repair log, 303838


Not going to say last repair visit for 2014 because I don’t want to jinx myself, but Roxy did go in Friday for a few _minor_ repairs. For the past (too long to admit) she has been an old, creaky, squeaky British car. A new passenger side strut tower mount corrected that. Bonus, I can also get her in for a wheel alignment. Bonus #2, the end link broke when it was being reinstalled, so the passenger side has been replaced.

After the last big summer storm here in Phoenix, I managed to drive through water that was deeper than I should have. It ruined the temperature sensor, which made the thermometer think it was +20 degrees. That’s been fixed.

Finally, new bonnet struts so the damned thing quits hitting people on the head.

The only things left are power steering hoses, which is a ridiculously expensive job due to the exorbitant price of the hoses. After that, it’s front suspension stuff; driver’s side end link, ball joints, sway bar bushings. I’m hoping to get those knocked out shortly after the first of the year.

I’m already putting together the next list of things to be done; the Mod list. Can’t wait to get started on that!

Thanks for sticking around for another year gang! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Unless you don’t celebrate Christmas, then imagine me wishing you the appropriate holiday cheer.

Let’s Play A Game


At the end of #mtts2014, a few MINI owners, 5 to be exact, were given a box. Myself, Gabe and 3 others that I’m sure you know, spread out in 5 corners of the US. The Game is called #MotoringTag and it goes a little something like this (_hit it_!).

I will _tag_ a MINI with this very nice piece of vinyl. I will photo graph the MINI and give it the appropriate hashtag on the internets. The taggee will log on to motoringtag.com/passiton to record their tag. It is then up to them to pass it on. Rinse, repeat.

Honored that I was picked. I’m hopeful that this is as fun as I think it could be, and that everyone that gets tagged actually plays along! If you do get tagged, but don’t want to play along, please do not throw the tag away! Pass it on to another MINI or drop it at your nearest MINI Dealer. No harm, no foul, just keep it moving!

Speaking of being honored, MINIUSA included my last post in their own MTTS2014 Flipboard. I’m really proud of that piece and it was super awesome to be acknowledged and listed with some other great pieces from the event.

Finally, a quick Roxy update. Keep an eye on the Instagram because tonight at some point Roxy will hit 298,000 miles. Who’s in for a pool to guess when she’ll hit 300K?



Sneaking ever closer to the magical 300K mark. I have some plans to make it a little more fun after MTTS, so watch for that. Since my battery corrosion issue and this:


Everything has been as expected. Oh, that? I’m guessing it was either a defective plug or an issue with the sleeve that was installed in that cylinder. Plugs are (relatively) new and all of the others check out. The cylinder has been re-sleeved and the plug was replaced. Obviously. Now I’m down to only 2 major mechanical issues to sort; power steering hoses and strut tower mount. These will have to wait a little bit longer since I’m still recovering from the transmission swap. Once complete, Jerry says just a few minor suspension things to knock out. So far, so good.


Since you all already play the home game, you know that Todd and I will be going the whole way. You’ll be able to keep up with everything we do over at whiteroofradio.com and all of our associated Social Media sites. Since 2006, we have covered in some way, shape or form, MINI Takes the States. I expect this year to be better than ever since we have added a few volunteers to the mix to help out. Besides that, a few other changes will help us really knock it out of the park (my words).

Personally, I’m very excited for it. The route looks fantastic! I’ll be able to spend some quality time with an F56 S and see all of you along the way! Hearing over 2,000 have actually registered and there are more than 300 that are going all that way! That it really awesome!

Also really awesome we will be hosting the morning meeting (for lack of a better word). Todd and I getting to talk to large groups of people are the kind of thing we live for. It’s exciting and I personally can’t wait!

If you are going to be on any of the legs, make it a point to find me. It’s been a while and I would like to say hi.