Three Hundred Thousand

2014-10-06 18.23.35

As I like to say, done and done.

What’s next?

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Let’s Play A Game


At the end of #mtts2014, a few MINI owners, 5 to be exact, were given a box. Myself, Gabe and 3 others that I’m sure you know, spread out in 5 corners of the US. The Game is called #MotoringTag and it goes a little something like this (hit it!).

I will tag a MINI with this very nice piece of vinyl. I will photo graph the MINI and give it the appropriate hashtag on the internets. The taggee will log on to to record their tag. It is then up to them to pass it on. Rinse, repeat.

Honored that I was picked. I’m hopeful that this is as fun as I think it could be, and that everyone that gets tagged actually plays along! If you do get tagged, but don’t want to play along, please do not throw the tag away! Pass it on to another MINI or drop it at your nearest MINI Dealer. No harm, no foul, just keep it moving!

Speaking of being honored, MINIUSA included my last post in their own MTTS2014 Flipboard. I’m really proud of that piece and it was super awesome to be acknowledged and listed with some other great pieces from the event.

Finally, a quick Roxy update. Keep an eye on the Instagram because tonight at some point Roxy will hit 298,000 miles. Who’s in for a pool to guess when she’ll hit 300K?

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Sneaking ever closer to the magical 300K mark. I have some plans to make it a little more fun after MTTS, so watch for that. Since my battery corrosion issue and this:


Everything has been as expected. Oh, that? I’m guessing it was either a defective plug or an issue with the sleeve that was installed in that cylinder. Plugs are (relatively) new and all of the others check out. The cylinder has been re-sleeved and the plug was replaced. Obviously. Now I’m down to only 2 major mechanical issues to sort; power steering hoses and strut tower mount. These will have to wait a little bit longer since I’m still recovering from the transmission swap. Once complete, Jerry says just a few minor suspension things to knock out. So far, so good.


Since you all already play the home game, you know that Todd and I will be going the whole way. You’ll be able to keep up with everything we do over at and all of our associated Social Media sites. Since 2006, we have covered in some way, shape or form, MINI Takes the States. I expect this year to be better than ever since we have added a few volunteers to the mix to help out. Besides that, a few other changes will help us really knock it out of the park (my words).

Personally, I’m very excited for it. The route looks fantastic! I’ll be able to spend some quality time with an F56 S and see all of you along the way! Hearing over 2,000 have actually registered and there are more than 300 that are going all that way! That it really awesome!

Also really awesome we will be hosting the morning meeting (for lack of a better word). Todd and I getting to talk to large groups of people are the kind of thing we live for. It’s exciting and I personally can’t wait!

If you are going to be on any of the legs, make it a point to find me. It’s been a while and I would like to say hi.

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Roxy Has Had a Week

A week or two ago, she was having trouble starting. It became more and more of an issue until she went completely dead last weekend, leaving me stranded. Twice. Battery replaced, everything was ok for about 6 miles until she left me stranded again. Turns out, corrosion was the issue and I spent the remainder of my weekend wondering where my car skills disappear too.

Skip ahead about a week, driving from PHX to California to watch my youngest niece graduate high school. During this drive there are 2 major grades that are more than 30 miles long. During the first one, Roxy went into limp mode. After I let her rest for about 15 minutes, she was ok until the next big grade. Same problem happened. This time I let her rest for about 20 minutes and she’s been good since. The SES light is on and Eurotechs has been alerted to the issue.

Just slightly over 5K to go to hit 300K. I hope she makes it.

In the meantime, just so you guys know, I have been poking around the used market to see what is available and what the price range is. Nice to see LCI R56s in the 15K-ish range.

Finally got around to replacing the windscreen too. This is only the third she has had since 2003. I color myself lucky, but really, the last one should have been changed back in ’08.

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Oh yea. Track Day

I can’t believe I haven’t put this video here yet. Week after I installed the 6-speed, I took Roxy on the track.

You have probably already seen this, just putting it here for #projectroxy.

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