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Another Electric MINI

Sure we all followed along with the factory electic cars. There was that one company that was also selling electric MINIs through Sam’s Club a while back. Now, CravenSpeed has gotten into the game and they just did their first test drive of their electric R53.

The donor MINI is a 2002 R53. Great testbed for such a conversion. Be sure to click back to read all about their progress.

Anyone have any interest in doing something like this to your MINI? $25k seems pretty reasonable for this kind of conversion seems pretty reasonable to me.

An Argument for Automatic Transmissions

After driving 1 week.

See that above? The number on the left I mean (although 233,658 total miles is impressive, right?). That is the total distance I drove over 7 days, but only reflects 5 days of driving. Equally impressive, right?

Now, looking at that number, imagine the final 180 miles. A distance that, at the legal limit, should take approximately 3 hours to travel. A distance that I was not able to travel at the legal limit and took me twice as long.

Imagine again, if you will, driving in an urban environment. You drive a block and stop. Drive another block and stop again. Repeat.

For 180 miles.

I would have given my left leg for an automatic yesterday. Sure the automatic transmission in the MINI is horrible, especially in traffic. Sure, automatics in general suck the life and soul out of driving an automobile. Sure Gabe would certainly call-out my manhood if I drove an auto. But yesterday, it would have been nice.

From this point forward, if you live in 92xxx and drive to 90xxx, I promise to not give you grief about driving an automatic. At least not too much. You’ll hear more about this in the next show on Monday night.

Tomorrow is the MINI of Ontario mini golf tournament and WC-50 silent auction. If you want to get in on the auction, there is still time. Give them a call and talk to sales manager Dan for the details. If you want to play mini golf, all the spots are already full, but you could maybe sneak in otherwise. After mini golf, there will be a bit of a party at the dealership that should be a lot of fun.

I’ll be there. Who else is going?

Deals on Wheels

After talking to ace Parts Advisor Teresa Hillstead at Crevier MINI about a few things for my MINI (and picking up a new gas cap), she asked if I would be interested in getting a deal on a set of wheels. I’m not right now, but figured there might be one or two of you out there in Southern California that might be.

Availability is limited on all of these, but it’s worth a call. These are some great prices!


QTY: 1 R95 18” JCW Star Spoke wheel / tire set ( no TPS sensors) – $1667.97 (might not be available)


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Owner’s Lounge? Cool?

ol.pngGot yet another email from the Owner’s Lounge saying they missed me. Awwww. That’s sweet.

But, it’s still the Owners Lounge. And, I’m sorry to say, it still sucks.

Sure I clicked over to vote for MTTS. After that I decided to poke around a bit, see what was going on. Here is what I found.

Nightmarish navigation. Just as always, trying to find anything over there is like looking for a needle in a needle stack. Took me over 5 minutes just to remember how to get to the message boards.

4 words. Black background, white text. It might just be me, but the impossibly small white text on the black background is very difficult to read. At least [ctrl-+] works to make the text larger.

Lack of Organization. In the section Message Boards / Suggestions for MINI / Owner’s Lounge why am I seeing posts about run flat tires, door latch problems and squeaky brakes? This is a post that would go nicely in that section, but I won’t post it there for fear of getting flamed by the regs.

Resumes and profiles. Actually, this part is pretty cool. Would be pretty cooler if even a little bit of formatting was allowed. Maybe bold or italic text? That sure would be nice.

MY Stuff. The OL still has me down as owning a BRG/W MCS. I’ve emailed to get that changed, but I haven’t been able to. That should be an option, as well as changing anything else in there short of the money stuff. I was able to set up a second username with my current VIN, but it’s not tied to everything else I have done or posted.

Tracking. This is another cool feature of the OL. Although it would be nice if it were a little more timely.

I know there is set-in-stone online design language that has be followed, but does that have to affect functionality and organization as well? I don’t think so. If you look around the internets there are many a message board, including NAM and MINI2 and many of the club sites/boards that pull off effective navigation and useability much better than the OL.

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