Hacked, but Fixed

**Short Version**

There was an issue with dbmini.us that was causing pop-up ads and redirects. I have corrected this. Apologies for the trouble!

**Nerd Version**

From what I can tell, this was done via FTP. Just in case, I went ahead and did the following:

* Updated the main FTP password for the site. There is only 1 FTP user, so no other user accounts were comprimised
* Updated the WordPress password.
* Changed themes. Now the same as [DonBurnside.com](http://www.donburnside.com).
* Reinstalled WordPress.
* Did a double, triple check of all files to make sure the offending code was removed and all files that were left by the attack also removed.

Again, I apologize for any issues that might have caused and hope this will not be a problem in the future here or at any of my other sites (which have also been checked).

Regular service shall resume shortly.

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