I Planned a Rally

For the first time in a very long time, I have planned a MINI Cooper Rally. Filed under how I keep myself occupied while the show is on hiatus (ending Monday!). Myself and a fellow AZ R50 MINI Cooper owner decided to put a little something together that takes advantage of the maddeningly straight and boring grid that Phoenix is laid out on to create what we hope to be a very unique experience, as the map above shows.

This rally will contain only right hand turns.

The route is sound. There is an official CD* and vinyl window cling* and there is a Facebook invite. I’m pretty excited. You know there will be pictures later this weekend, so watch for them!

Curious? As you should be. Hit the jump for the goodies.

  • You can download the map and flyer here.
  • You can download the soundtrack here** Do make sure to reassemble in the order of file called playlist.pdf. It makes a difference.

Anyway, I was so excited about this I wanted to share.

  • (*)Limited number of CDs clings will be available.
  • (**)Sound track download only available for a limited time.


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