Roxy Has Had a Week

A week or two ago, she was having trouble starting. It became more and more of an issue until she went completely dead last weekend, leaving me stranded. Twice. Battery replaced, everything was ok for about 6 miles until she left me stranded again. Turns out, corrosion was the issue and I spent the remainder of my weekend wondering where my car skills disappear too.

Skip ahead about a week, driving from PHX to California to watch my youngest niece graduate high school. During this drive there are 2 major grades that are more than 30 miles long. During the first one, Roxy went into limp mode. After I let her rest for about 15 minutes, she was ok until the next big grade. Same problem happened. This time I let her rest for about 20 minutes and she’s been good since. The SES light is on and Eurotechs has been alerted to the issue.

Just slightly over 5K to go to hit 300K. I hope she makes it.

In the meantime, just so you guys know, I have been poking around the used market to see what is available and what the price range is. Nice to see LCI R56s in the 15K-ish range.

Finally got around to replacing the windscreen too. This is only the third she has had since 2003. I color myself lucky, but really, the last one should have been changed back in ’08.

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Oh yea. Track Day

I can’t believe I haven’t put this video here yet. Week after I installed the 6-speed, I took Roxy on the track.

You have probably already seen this, just putting it here for #projectroxy.

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In which I talk about the Transmission

Occasionally, I stick my GoPro camera to the windscreen and talk to it. Yesterday, I talked about the new (to me) transmission and thought I would share it here.

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And Then There Were 6

Transmission installation completed today. I’ve been able to drive her around the block and up on the highway. First impressions are very good! 3rd, 4th and 5th are very good. Initial MPG estimates in 6th at 70MPH are around 33 (and increase of about 5MPG) and overall drivability is great! Did I mention I really like 3rd gear. A lot?

It is going to take some getting used to. The clutch is different. The feel is the same, but it grabs earlier than I am used to. As you know, the gates in the 6 speed are well notched. In the Midlands, not so much. Normally shifting is good, down shifting is going to be the bigger challenge. Nothing that a little practice won’t cure.

I have a punch in the nuts to the next person to remind me about reverse.

And, I think I might have lost a little in first gear. Maybe. It could be the new clutch that I have to get used to, but I might have lost a little off the line. Time will tell.

Oh, and finally, had the oil pan gasket replaced. The oil pan was so dirty that Jerry almost made me buy a new new one! The last thing, mechanically, that needs to get done is the power steering hoses. Soon. Very soon.

Road trip in my near future. And a track day! Watch out!

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So Close


When last we met, we were discussing the replacing of the transmission. Parts list built and order, transmission sourced, the whole bit. Everything was on track for Roxy to spend Thursday and maybe Friday at Eurotechs with Jerry. I only needed her to go a few more days.

Roxy, as it turns out, had other ideas.

Driving home Monday night, she stopped going under her own power, kinda. I was able to find 2nd and 5th, I think, which was enough to get her safely off the highway to await a piggy back ride on a truck (see above). Got her to the shop and unloaded and then Jerry took a look. Turns out, it was only the shift cable coming disconnected. Since she was there, he attached it “good enough” to move her around to get parked. As I type this, she is still there, parked in the row reserved for cars that are getting big repairs.

In the meantime, I get to spend some quality time with Alice. Everyone in AZ knows Alice. She’s a modded R53, currently under the care and feeding of the Summer’s. They are kind enough to let me use her while Roxy gets sorted out this week, so a HUGE shout out to them! Of course, with every car borrowed, besides a full tank of gas and a car wash (not the $3 wash either), will be the photo shoot. I’ll share those once done, hoping for sunset tomorrow.

For those of you wondering how long I have gone for this to happen, check it.

I don’t care who you are, that’s pretty damned impressive right there. Updates as they become available.

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