Sometimes You Need a Car Day


Sometime this week I’ll be crossing the 285,000 mark, as you can see above. Thought today would be a good day to take care of a few things that needed taking care of. First up, a quick plug swap since last week I was watching my gas gauge move. Followed by finally installing the new-er headlights that were generously donated to the cause over the summer. A quick check and top off of fluids, wash, clay bar and wax to complete the day, almost. I do need to check the air pressure in my tires, something I will be attending to shortly.

I’ve been in a bit of funk lately. I think taking today and doing all of this work on my car was very therapeutic. Sometimes you have to skip your normal chores and do something else, and that’s what I did today. I’m really glad I did.

Also, I wanted to test out the camera in the iPhone 5s. Those photos, lightly retouched in Aperture, can be seen below.

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The December Hiatus

Starts now. Have a great month everyone. Keep an eye on the Instagram as I should be hitting 285,000 this week!

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Getting a little bit closer


As you can see above, today I crossed the two hundred, eighty thousand mile mark in Roxy. Or, another way to say it is I have driven my 2003 MINI Cooper around the planet 11.2 times, depending on who’s nerd math you are using. And I’ve done it in 10 years. Everything is working like it should and I have nothing new to report. Still have a few items on my “list” that need to be taken care of, but it’s a busy month so they will have to wait.

Coming up next I do have a few items to install that were donated to the cause. A replacement rear wiper motor, because, unlike many of you, I like to see where I have been when it is raining. The items donated were a set of headlights. Newer than what I have currently and a very long way from turning yellow. Yes, even after the hardcore polishing my lights are starting to haze over again. Just as soon as the temperatures drop I’m going to be tackling both of those.

Something cool is brewing in my head about what I’m going to do to celebrate Roxy turning 300k next year. I think you guys will like it. Stay tuned.

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Current mileage: 277,918

It was brought to my attention on Facebook that I’m behind in my updates to you guys.


A little more than 10K miles ago (almost a year) I did a full suspension upgrade. The short version is super sport struts, HK adjustable rear sway bar and some Eibach springs. I will say that it’s been a fun upgrade, but if it wasn’t for the moon-smooth roads here in Phoenix, I would have rolled back to stock springs by now. Just a little too bouncy for my liking, if I’m honest. I’m thinking about taking the sway bar to full soft to see what that does for the ride and handling. If that doesn’t help, then I am thinking about going back to stock springs. If you are thinking about doing springs or coil-over’s, you would be wise to asses the quality of the roads you drive most often.

All of that said, it sure is fun! Turn in is so much tighter and on a warm day, with DSC off and my foot in it, I can generate a little bit of lift-off oversteer on the street!

Plasti-dip rain gutter

I’m not going to post a photo, but trust me when I tell you that after an entire summer, still looks like new. Very pleased with the results! No further plans to plasti-dip any other parts of Roxy for the time being.


After a summer, I have noticed that are starting to yellow, slightly, again. I’m going to hit them with some 00 steel wool, and maybe a little more polish, to see if I can get rid of that yellow. I’m thinking about upgrading the newer lights too.

Everything else is exactly as it should be. Actually, a little better than it should be, as you would expect. I am waiting for cooler temps to come back around, for a few reasons:

  1. Really need to get a full detail done. Claybar, polish, wax.
  2. I’m ready to get my idle back to normal.

Oh, I don’t think I told you guys about that one. In an effort to help eliminate the dreaded shutter with the A/C on in my car, I got Jerry to boost my idle, ever so slightly (about 200RPM). Between that, everything being new and a very good cleaning of my throttle body, it has helped tremendously! I am ready for it to be back to normal, but I’m not even going to think about that until the temps are back into the 90s on a regular basis.

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It’s Almost Like New (277,231)


It’s been an exciting month of MINI repairs here at White Roof Radio HQ (West Coast), let me tell you. Started with the lower motor mount, moved on to the clutch, water pump and rear main seal and ending (hopefully) today with a new set of tires. As they say, when it rains, it pours.

Driving to the gym on Saturday, out of nowhere comes some kind of sheet metal-like material. Before I could zig, zag or zug out of the way, the passenger side front tire was already on top of it. And it must have had some kind of giant hook or very sharp edge because that piece of whatever tore a 6″ gash in the sidewall of that tire. I pulled over to a parking lot and parked, surveyed the situation and went to work.

Luckily I have 2 things on my side.

  1. I drive a MINI Cooper
  2. I live in the United States

Add those 2 things together and what do you get? A spare tire! And, for the 2nd time in 10 years, I got to use it as the photo above shows. It was a little low on air, but I was able to get that taken care of after installing it and I was able to get her home. All of this transpired at about closing time for my normal tire store of choice (who isn’t open on Sunday), so I wasn’t able to get any kind of replacement done this weekend, and I couldn’t drive on the space saver waiting for replacements.

I have, instead, done something I don’t think I have ever done; purchased tires from CostCo. Adding to the list of stuff I haven’t done before, I had installed Bridgestone tires. Turanza Serenity Plus Performance H/V.


Not a bad looking tire, comes with an 80K mile warranty (I doubt they will last that long in AZ) and all of the coverage that CostCo provides. Bonus is the $70 coupon I was able to use, so I was out the door, installed, for less than $600 for a full set.

But I didn’t need a full set, really. For those of you that haven’t used CostCo for tires, they are really particular about installing tires. To start, they aren’t really keen on installing plus size tires on any car (I run 205/55r16, stock is 195/55r16). They also will not install tires unless the load and speed rating match. Which means I had to buy 4 new tires.

Now that my car is practically brand new, I’m feeling confident about reaching 300K miles. And I’m feeling confident about not having to spend a bunch of money on her at least until the end of the year. Unless the antenna is expensive. Yes, I managed to break that today while giving her a quick scrub. If it’s not one thing is my mother. Sheesh.

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