Long day

been a long, very HOT day here in SoCal. Not a single MINII sighting yet, but I still have an hour drive home, which I am sure will include a quick drive by the dealer to take another peek at what is on the lot :D

Mini MINI Cooper

I have mounted my mini MINI Cooper on my desk at work. everyone now offcially thinks I’m a nut job! I’m not near as bad as the miniacs @ mco, but I’m getting pretty close! hopefully I’ll get to see some MC or MCS on the road today.

Nothing more today

Well, I’ve read just about all of the posts at mco, which was fun. and, I’ve been ripping a bunch of cd’s to mp3, which is also fun. i’m still trying to find the right ‘MINI’ music. there could be some issues there, depending on time of day, company, road being motored, destination, mood, etc. just too much to think about, especially since I only have about 110 days left until I get mine! but, for now, I’m just going to go to bed. hopefully i’ll have my order day sometime this week, and then, hopefully, my production number. Also, I have decided for the time being to refer to my soon to be MCS as a ‘she’. i realize that it may not be a she, but it just doesn’t seem right to refer to a MINI as an ‘it’.

more later

Went to the fair

so, today was at least 105 degrees, and not always being of sound mind and body, decided to pack up the crew and head out to the LA county fair! did I mention that it was hot?

Anyway, while cruising through the buildings full of vendors selling the latest as seen on tv gadgets and gizmos, I stumble upon someone selling toy cars. Low and behold, they have mini MINI’s, and even a BRG/W! sure, it’s cheesy, not quite right, and when you pull it backwards it rolls forwards, but I still thought it was fairly nifty.

Final for this day

I just added links on the left to download both the real MINI Manual and the Un-authorized version (which is pretty funny)

to get these files, right click on the links and choose save target as. If you use your left mouse button, you will see a Yahoo!/Geocities error page, and not get the benefit of being able to peruse the manuals for your self.

more later