Final for this day

I just added links on the left to download both the real MINI Manual and the Un-authorized version (which is pretty funny)

to get these files, right click on the links and choose save target as. If you use your left mouse button, you will see a Yahoo!/Geocities error page, and not get the benefit of being able to peruse the manuals for your self.

more later

Drove a go-cart

went down to the local putt-putt golf course tonight with my son and we got to ride the gocarts…now, if they could just figure out a way to put a super-charger on a lawnmower engine, it would have been just like a MCS, almost…

112 days to go

three days after I ordered my mine, I still just can’t wait until I can drive it*. but, by my count, I really only have to wait about 112 more days…

*please note the lack of sex designation and name for my MINI. I believe that I won’t really know either until it finally arrives.

more later

Oh yea, I ordered a MINI!

I forgot to mention, and this has been cause for grins for the better part of last night and this morning, but I was able to drive an MCS last night after placing my order! I am gonna get into SOO much trouble with that car! I was just motoring along, then I got a section of the dealers ‘loop’ that is a nice little ‘S’, got to fly right by another car, on the OUTSIDE!

Oh yea, and the interior at night looks awesome! like a jet cockpit or something! I hope I can make it until mid-January…

more later

Order day, part II, part II

I have done it! placed my order for a 2003 MINI Cooper S! it’s going to be like this:

  • British Racing Green w/white roof and mirrors
  • Package #1 (sunroof, multifunction steering wheel, auto a/c & on board computer)
  • Package #2 (sports package…xenon headlights, 17″ wheels, DSC)
    That’s how it is going to be, but I might change the color.

    I ordered from Crevier MINI after all. After I talked to my guy (Darnel Alexander, who is great!), he was able to knock $1,000 off of the premium upcharge, but I’m still going to try to bring that all the way down to $0 on or before my delivery date. I have been told that mine will be with the other November MINI’s, with a January delivery….

    more later