Its db from White Roof Radio, and this is my story

Repair Log: 265,183 (Updated)

Been pretty busy around these parts as far as Roxy is concerned. Here is what I did this week.

  • New Struts. OEM, super sport
  • Springs. Eibach, lightly used.
  • Rear sway bar. HK Compitition, adjustble.
  • Replaced boot trim (!)
  • Cleaned throttle body
  • Fresh coat of wax

So far, I can tell the improvement in the overall ride of Roxy. As you already know, she was getting pretty rattly. That is no longer the case. Nice and solid. Rear sway bar has been set to the middle setting on both sides.

Since I’ve barely had the chance to actually drive her at the speed limit, let alone hunt down some curves to do a proper test. So far, I have been able to drive some of the highway interchanges that challenge regular motorists, and I have been able to take them at the speed limit. The suspension is settling in nicely and I expect further testing to happen tomorrow morning.

Notice throttle body cleaning. This was recommended to me by Jerry at Eurotechs to correct a horrible stumble while the A/C was on. Of course he was right and now she only stumbles when the fan turns on, which is SOP for her.

Finally, a fresh coat of wax to top off the week. Next week starts by ordering the missing trim piece from Mr. MINI Parts. Whew. It’s a never ending battle.


Had the chance to test out the new setup on the closest thing Phoenix has to twisties; South Mountain roads to the TV Towers. Not much, but it’s a 30MPH road with the _really_ tight corners, elevation changes and the like. I can report that my MINI definitely handles differently than it did before. Dare I say, better. Turn in is faster, I can actually rotate the rear end slightly and she stays flat. I’m very pleased.