Its db from White Roof Radio, and this is my story

Repair log: 267,088


The latest in a long line of the things it takes to keep a high mileage car alive and kicking! This week was the replacement of the parking brake assembly. Not the cables, those are fine (I live west of the Rockies). The part that broke lives inside my car, under the rear cupholder. There is yoke that connects the handle to the cables, and on that yolk, there is a piece that broke. Of course, I couldn’t just replace that one part, I had to replace the entire assembly.

Took the opportunity to replace the boot and handle while I was at it. Or rather, while Jerry at Eurotechs was at it. I tried to perform this repair myself, being cleared by Jerry because I can handle a fuel pump replacement. My frustration level with this repair rapidly exceeded what I’m comfortable with. Too much pulling with nothing happening mostly. And, it turns out that my tool box is a bit light.

At any rate, I’m now an emergency stopping fool! And Roxy doesn’t roll away when parked, which is a bonus.