2013 Ford Fusion

Recently, I had the chance to spend some quality time with the 2013 Ford Fusion. If you squint (as Mr. Donovan Resh says), it looks a little bit like an Aston Martin Rapide. 1200 miles in the front seats, I thought I would jot down a few notes.

This is not a performance car. EcoBoost’d 4 cylinder attached to a 6-speed slush box puts this squarely in the ‘car for the masses’ category, but to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. Sure it’s big and long (too long for my garage), but that’s what this car is supposed to be. Quiet and confortable too, with enough guts to get out of it’s own way and then some. And definitely tons of room for passengers, which made up for the small-ish boot. Top notch Grand Tourer it ain’t, but as a car to spend 10+ hours in, it did pretty ok. And, priced at about 25k is a definite bonus. If you are in the market for a car that is bigger than a MINI, you would be well served by checking this one out.

But, before you do, let’s take a minute to pick out one of it’s most serious shortcomings; Ford Sync.
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