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Window Repair: It’s about Time

Something that I’ve been waiting to repair for at least the last 2 years is something to do with either of the front windows in my MINI. I was expecting a motor to blow out at the very least. Last week my wish was granted, but not in the shape of the motor. What you are looking at above is the regulator.

For you old school types, the regulator replaces the scissor-lift style found in those older American car door panels. A series of pulleys, gears and cables now handles the movement of the window up and down.

It started and a really bad crunching sound when putting my window down, and it wouldn’t complete the journey. I could manually move the window by hand, but it got to the point where it wouldn’t stay up. Insert your own joke here.

Part procured from MINI of Ontario, installed in short order at Euro Techs in Arizona and I was back in business!

We are getting ready to kick MINI event season into high gear! AMVIV is next week and I can’t wait! We’ll be there hanging out, taking photos and doing what we do. Follow that up with MINI Takes the States 2012, and I’m looking at having a pretty busy summer! Where am I going to get to hang out with you? Comments are open!