Ah, Vegas. Sunshine. Cheap eats. Free drinks.

Oh yea, and MINI’s!!!

(image courtesy Lexster)

I’m not kidding when I say there were probably close to 400 MINI’s in attendance this year! Events were as always, with a few twists.

Let me start by saying that the gang from SCMC and the AMVIV Steering Committee did an OUTSTANDING job putting this event together. Everything went off pretty well and their were only a few minor incidents.

Friday started off with registration and some meet and greet time at the Boot ‘N’ Bonnet Show Day 1. Some very cool MINI’s in attendance there…

Emily ‘Stoopid Girl’ Martian’s fabulous pink MINI
(image courtesy Vanwall)

Then, for those that wanted, there was a run out to Hoover dam…

(image courtesy Gomez85)

and another out to the Red Rock area…

(image courtesy John David Williams)

Of course, Todd and I took the time, with Michael Babishkin, to whip up a podcast under the Webb Motorsports tent…

(image courtesy John David Williams)

…while Randy and Brian busted some serious butts installing pulleys, exhaust systems, suspension components and the new WMS High Density Induction Box. Boy, what a sweet unit that is.

Friday finished with the main reason I went…the famous Las Vegas Strip Cruise Run! Imagine if you will about 200 of our beloved little car…

(image courtesy tulsamini)

cruising the strip on a Friday night! Horns honking, tires smoking, music blaring and just general craziness! It was the definition of pure awesome! Well, no. The true definition of pure awesome would have to be Andrew ‘Agro’ Ross and some of his cohorts actually BLOCKING traffic on The Strip so we could all get out together. They stood right in the middle of the road and held up traffic for 10 minutes while we all pulled out. Sweet!

Moving to Saturday we had the Phil Wicks Driving Academy running all day at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, with the day ending with the innagural running of the North American MINI Challenge Race. Of course, Randy Webb in ‘The Mule’…

(image courtesy Vanwall)

…took first place! You can catch all of the results over at Motoringfile.

Also on Saturday was the Mount Charleston Run and the day ended with a Banquet Dinner, emmcee’d by your’s truly and Todd Pearson. Many prizes given away while everyone ate from a pretty descent buffet and were entertained by a belly dancing troupe. A good time was had by all!

Finally, Sunday for those that wanted to stick around, there was a farewell breakfast hosted by the C3 Club at Desert MINI of Las Vegas

(image courtesy John David Williams)

Overall a great time had by all! Dates are already decided on for next year, so keep an eye out at for those to get posted so you can make plans to be there!

Looking for more pictures? There are hundreds of them already posted! Check out the following links to some flickr galleries:
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That should keep y’all busy for a while.

Oh yea, Happy Aprils Fools day! No way I could give up Roxy! She is still here, safe and sound. See…

C’mon now…I had to have some fun with it this year, right? ;)

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  1. Nice write-up, db. Some great pictures there! I’m anxiously awaiting MotD, which I think is going to be just as cool. Wish you could be there for it!

  2. That would be cool if I could make the dragon, but I don’t think work would give me three weeks off to go, and there is no way I will do that road without my MINI. Or worse yet, passenger with someone else. I have’t done that in a while, but lets just say that:
    db shotgun + twisty mountain road = many shades of green

  3. Great pictures and write-up – I was bummed not to be able to make it this year. I do wonder if they will find some different runs for next year, the Red Rocks park is a great destination but four years in a row might be a bit much for those who have gone each year.

  4. I was talking to the organizers about that very thing. They will probably be keep 1 or 2 of the current runs and adding either a new run or some other type of motoring ‘activity’ instead to kinda of spice things up a bit. Of course, they won’t be ditching the Strip cruise, that’s for sure!

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