Ethanol? At Indy?

Yep yep. Check it out: This year, the IRL takes a baby step, mixing in 10 percent ethanol into the traditional, carbon-based methanol, which burns much the same as ethanol but is made from a nonrenewable source. Next year, these open-wheel cars will run on 100 percent ethanol. From this article. 100% next year? Now […]

Humvee Hybrid?

From Autoblog: The current military-issue Humvee will be replaced by 2011, with contracts being awarded to suppliers sometime in 2009. At the moment the Army and Marine Corps are researching hybrid drivetrains for the Humvee replacement, with the Army conducting research on six different hybrid Humvees and the Marine’s testing the RST-V (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Targeting […]