You in the east and midwest know that sound, right? Well, here in Sunny SoCal, it’s one that I don’t get to hear too often unless it’s really really cold! Well, today it was really really cold. My day starts at about 5:15 AM, at which time it was right about 30. Put the heated seats to the test this morning too :D

Otherwise, in for service tomorrow for recall work to keep the smog police at bay and to check on the stumble/shudder. Oh yea, while I’m there I’m going to also check in on J/C’s ride who might be getting a new transmission.

Are you an ’02/’03 MC owner coming up on 40K miles? This is something you really should have seriously looked at next time you are in for service. I know I was one of the first, but it seems that I’m still hearing about transmission problems from other owners, but only in the MC.

Right at about 72K miles right now. Big event this weekend and next, plus a trip to Mom and Dad’s before the end of the year. Any bets I’ll make 80K miles by Jan 01? hehe

3 replies on “DING!”

  1. I’m right at 40,000 miles and have had no trouble with my 6 speed, as of yet. Don’t you and JC do a lot of track time? Seems that would cause a lot of extra stress since these cars are not really manufactured as race cars.

    I didn’t understand the DING comment?


  2. When it gets cold (at or below 37 degrees), your MINI will make a happy little ding sound and the termostat will flash.

    J/C hasn’t had any track time, and I know of at least 1 other SCMM member that had his transmission replaced without having any track time. Also, everytime I go into Crevier it seems that they have another MC on the rack getting transmission work of some sort done.

  3. I asked my MA at Assael if they see a lot of trans repairs and he says only the early cars. I drive my car hard and haven’t had any probs , knock on wood, yet.


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