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You remember when I said this back in March.

>Instead of placing blame, I’m instead going to choose to help educate where I can like a proper fan boy should. I will continue to let all y’all know that it’s time to check your oil. Help spread the word that the MINI is safe and reliable by evidence of the ’03 MINI Cooper that is rapidly approaching 250,000 miles on the odometer. And I will continue to encourage MINI owners to send questions into the show so that Chad and the rest of us can help answer them.

Today, I continued and here are some tips for you to do the same.

MINI Owner After Sales

Imagine you are out a club outting or dealer function, much like I was today for the first Sunday meet-up at MINI of Tempe. You’re hanging out, checking out the cars, seeing who likes the Countryman, talking about the Coupe, wondering what kind of wheels that person has on their MINI. You’ve been there.

Then, the new person drives up. MINI owner for 6 months or less, could be a ’10 or older R56, could be a brand new ’11. Heck, might even be an R50 or R53. No matter because you still introduce yourself to them, ask about the MINI they are driving, checking it out and showing them yours.

At this point you could walk away. Or, you could be a proper MINI Fanboy/Fangirl and throw down some tips.

For example, today I showed a MINI owner how the sport shifting on their automatic works. They had never used it before, nor had they used the flappy paddles. They were looking to learn how to drive a stick, so I demonstrated how to get started using the transmission they have now. Even offered a lesson or 2 in my MINI when the time comes.

I also talked to a brand new owner of a brand new 2011 MCS. Answered a ton of his questions, told him that most of the answers could be found in his owners manual or at the dealer next time he is in for service. Showed him how to check his oil and recommend that it be done at every other fill up. Told him about MotoringFile, White Roof Radio and made sure he was a member of the club.

You know, after sales.

For the most part, all of us have been in the MINI community now for years. Us being the collective readership of this humble blog (Ian’s too). When you go someplace with the club or a dealer meetup, do you do this for the newbies? If you aren’t, do you know the person in your group that does, and do you introduce them? Do you tell them about MF, NAM, Motoring Alliance and White Roof Radio?

Because that is what an enthusiast does. How many times have to tried to convince someone that they needed to get an iPhone or Android phone? Or give someone tips on the greatest, life changing apps for said device? I’m sure more than once (unless you are still rocking a Moto Razr) and on things other than phones.

The MINI is no different. show off your enthusiasm to the new owners. Show off your knowledge. Name drop. Tell them how often they should change their oil, that the owners manual should be read, cover to cover. About the benefits of dropping a Honda V-Tec into a classic. Show off!

They will appreciate it, trust me.

Minor changes are afoot here at dbmini. You might notice a slight change in appearance. I’m still going to make minor changes here and there for the next fews days, but shouldn’t interrupt your reading. If you see something weird, out of place or just doesn’t make sense, would you mind letting me know?. Thanks! You’re aces (and terribly good looking).

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  1. Prestige Mini Movie night there was a white 2011 Cooper owner just crying out for someone to talk to him, upon some coaxing, my wife convinced me to talk to him…he had a plethera of questions and he was very appreciative.

    Made me feel good (even thanked my wife)

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