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Man I hate these. Such a terrible pain in the ass usually.

You know I live in Southern California. Here in Southern California, much like AZ and NV, it can get pretty warm in the summer time. While usually not as warm for as long as our neighboring states, it still happens.

In AZ and NV, you are allowed to tint your windows to 33% and 35%, respectively, on the front windows.

Here in CA we are allowed 70% on the front windows.

Normally you wouldn’t get pulled over for having dark tint on your windows (unless you go 5% or something rediculous), but you can get written up for it if you are pulled over for something else like, oh, I don’t know, expired tags. Yes, 1 year ago I had expired tags. Let it go. At least the Trooper aplogized before saying he was going to have to write me up for the tint.

Luckily, I have a good tint shop. Top notch work and they know how to take care of their customers. Since I had my windows tinted there originally, they removed the tint for me for free (took ’em 15 minutes) and will re-tint the front windows for 25% off the regular price. And, since they needed to get redone anyway, I think it’s a pretty good deal.

Because I know you are curious, I’m allowed to tint the rear windows as dark as I want. I’ve driven cars with 5% tint on the back windows and it was exactly like driving down the road in a cave. Not too fun. 35% all the way around I think is a good compromise and it looks great next to Roxy’s VR color.

Because I know you are even more curious, tint percentages are based on how much sun (or light) the tint lets in. From the factory, your windows are tinted to about 75%. That means that 75% of whatever the sun puts out gets into your car. The lower the number, the darker the tint. I believe the darkest you can go is 5%. Any lower, and you would have to paint the glass.

And I know you are dying to know what the tint laws are in your state and not feeling up to the google search. Not to fear, I’ll link you up with that data here.

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  1. Interesting that your tint shop “accepted responsibility”. Here in MA I visited a tint shop that required a waiver be signed before doing anything darker than legal.

  2. >Interesting that your tint shop “accepted responsibility”. Here in MA I visited a tint shop that required a waiver be signed before doing anything darker than legal.

    Yea, I’m lucky. They’ve been in business for years, so they must be doing something right. Top notch work too. I was due to retint the front windows, but not because of anything they didn’t do during the initial install, but because the corners of the window were cloudy from rubbing against the weather stripping.

    You can check out the girlies just fine with dark tint. They just can’t see you back ;)

  3. …not only that, here in MA getting pulled over for a set of expired tags often will earn you a trip to lock-up, especially if you’re caught by the Staties.

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