I am not a trader

But I was checking out the new Rabbit today, just to see what’s what.

Here’s where it gets crazy. When you open the Compare page at vw.com and choose MINI from the drop down, the entire page freezes up and doesn’t work any more.

Try another make and it works like a champ.

I guess this can only mean…

Nothing compares to a MINI!

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  1. have I mentioned how much I love it that there is always someone there to play spelling police for me whenever I mis spell a word?

    In my favorite things, I would rank this at about #4. Yea, pretty strong, I know, but thats how much I love it.


  2. I think it was right to begin with, right db? This was a really clever play on words… as in there would be no “trading” of the MINI for a vdub. Because who would want a german car, when you could have a german car, with a brazilian (soon a german/french engine), that was made in england? Nicely done :)

    And wow, that website was not ready to go live…

  3. i don’t seem to have mini offered as one of the two-door’s four comparisons. Takes care of that problem.

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