Is it time?

To replace your tires?

Are you looking for something in a 16″, non-runflat? Just for daily driving? Something that will ride pretty well and not sacrafice handling too much, and still have good traction in the wet?

That’s what I was looking for when I got rid of my run flats. The first tire I had was the Yokohama AVS. The ride wasn’t that great, but ok, they are horrible (IMO) in any serious rain but boy do they handle great! Those are the tires I use when I go out to the track and have no complaints at all when running them there.

But, for daily driving duties, of which I do quite a bit of (111K miles today), I prefer something that’s a bit more forgiving. I am currently running Pirelli P6’s and think they work just perfect. Fairly quiet with a great ride and excellent performance in just about any wet weather (I haven’t tried snow). They handle ok if you aren’t doing anything too agressive and stopping power is almost as good as the Yoko’s. Added bonus they do outlast everything else that I have tried and they weren’t that expensive (about $95 from Discount Tire).

Another tire I have run that I really liked are the Kumho Ecsta ASX. Great ride, good in the wet, handled great and they were quiet. But they wore quick! I don’t think I got more than 15K miles out of them.

Just my experience, thought I’d share. Of course, you’re experience may be different.

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  1. I wonder how my Pirellis are doing now … between GBMINI#2 & #3 they must have seen 20K miles by now. They are definitely noisier than they used to be and not quite as resistant to aqua-planing

  2. a little bit at work, but not so much on the drive. The fire is about 20 or 30 miles north of Ortega Hwy.

    But, based on traffic getting home tonight (1 hour to go the last 15 miles) you would have thought we were driving through it!

  3. When I bought my ’02 MCS it had the stock Pirelli rf’s on it. They lasted a mere 22,000 miles. I changed to the Dunlop Sport SP 9000 DSST’s, also a rf. My ’04 MCS came with them on it. I must be one of the few that keep and replace their rf’s. 22,000 and still looking good. Not a great cornering tire, not as sticky as the Pirelli’s but overall in all conditions a good tire. May consider non rf’s if LA streets get any worse.

  4. I just replaced my front runflats with BF Goodrich T/As and very happy. I had 15k on the clock, the fronts wee scrubbed but the rears are still in very good shape. I noticed an immediate improvement in ride. Although the T/As are very low profile, they are certainly a much smoother ride. Soon as the rears are a bit more worn they will be gone too. I do carry a small 12v compressor but maybe I should get a tin of fix-a-flat as well. HA!

  5. db – thanks for your thoughts on this. Sounds like the P6s or the Kumhos would be the best for me. Nice.

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