At the end of #mtts2014, a few MINI owners, 5 to be exact, were given a box. Myself, Gabe and 3 others that I’m sure you know, spread out in 5 corners of the US. The Game is called #MotoringTag and it goes a little something like this (_hit it_!).

I will _tag_ a MINI with this very nice piece of vinyl. I will photo graph the MINI and give it the appropriate hashtag on the internets. The taggee will log on to motoringtag.com/passiton to record their tag. It is then up to them to pass it on. Rinse, repeat.

Honored that I was picked. I’m hopeful that this is as fun as I think it could be, and that everyone that gets tagged actually plays along! If you do get tagged, but don’t want to play along, please do not throw the tag away! Pass it on to another MINI or drop it at your nearest MINI Dealer. No harm, no foul, just keep it moving!

Speaking of being honored, MINIUSA included my last post in their own MTTS2014 Flipboard. I’m really proud of that piece and it was super awesome to be acknowledged and listed with some other great pieces from the event.

Finally, a quick Roxy update. Keep an eye on the Instagram because tonight at some point Roxy will hit 298,000 miles. Who’s in for a pool to guess when she’ll hit 300K?

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    1. I think she will hit it on the way home, unless I go out right now and drive 30 miles to get it done before the sun goes down.

      1. I was going to guess on the way home. Once you get to the Monastery we can take it for a drive!

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