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  1. :o :o :o That is incredible!
    Granted he had a roll cage–but does his cage go up to the front? I would have expected the roof and windshield to crush but that is amazing. I hope he is able to replace the MINI and get back out there soon!
    …Some pit shots of our local Turner motorsport as well. When and where did this happen?

  2. from what I can tell, this was at Pheonix sometime last year. Not sure on the date. Maybe Todd knows since it’s still on his tivo.

  3. What was he thinking? Carried too much speed from other corner and lost it. Nice to see the lack of damage it incurred though. Thanks for sharing.

  4. he would have been ok if he didn’t go two wheels off. He was actually in pretty good shape for the corner, like the 2 cars behind him.

  5. Hey this guy is undoubtedly a better driver than I’ll ever be but he carried too much speed and put himself in that predicament. I think he would, if he’s honest, agree. As you said the other cars made it. I guess the other answer would be he hit some marbles or dirt but as far as I could see the car didn’t swerve or bobble it just was over driven.

  6. Don’t thank me, thank Todd and Doug Musselman. They did all the work. I’m just makin’ it available for all 1,000 of you (so far) to enjoy :)

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