I own a car with a canvas top. I knew this particular job would be dangerous when I took it, but I didn’t know to what extent, until this happened.

Roadster Window delaminating from the top

Fearing the worse, I check with the dealer about a repair. No go, as you would expect. I posted in the R59 Owner’s Group on Facebook and someone had luck getting theirs repaired by an upholstery shop, and a few have done the repair themselves. So, I start call upholstery shops.

Since this is one of the things not covered by my extended warranty, I’m out of pocket for any of it. A few calls around town tell me the repair will cost $600 – $950, replace will cost $2500 – $6000. Since all of those options are out of budget, I voted to go the repair route.

After seeing posts on Facebook, and watching this Canadian do the exact fix to 4 seater in Mexico, I ffigured it was time to give it a go. Actually, it was time to give Amazon about $90, and then complete the repair.

Repairing convertible rear window, MINI Cooper Roadster

To start, these videos are extremely helpful:

His technique is solid and you get an idea for what is involved.

Here is a list of the items that I ordered/used during the repair.

  • Blue painters tape
  • 3M Window Weld
  • 3M Primer
  • Suction Cup Clamps
  • Cheap foam 1/2″ paint brush. Daubers are overkill unless you have them already
  • Straight Edge Razors
  • Gloves, nitrile/latex/rubber (dealers choice)

If you follow the video, you’ll be good to go. I wanted to leave a few notes concerning this here that weren’t covered in the video.

  • The Window Weld is nasty stuff. Gloves are necessary, as is covering the Window opening with painters tape. I didn’t do that, now I have little bits of Window Weld on the canvas.
  • Pillows are amazingly helpful to keep the glass mostly in place while you setup the clamps.
  • Good ventilation is required. Garage door open with a fan would be best.

Suction clamps holding things in place. Note the pillows.

It’s not perfect, nor is it 100% water proof, but the window is secure. I have a few minor leaks that I will have to go back at with some window weld once more to see if it stops the leaking, and I’m sure it will. I’ll be keeping an eye on it and will report back any weirdness. Also, as usual, comments are open, AMA!

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    1. We get some rain per year. Some. I’m not worried about it now, but at some point I’m going to want to get rid of this car. When that happens, gonna need a top that leaks less.

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