MINI Super Bowl Ad

Well would you look at that. Our favorite car maker pony’d up for a Super Bowl commericial. Yes, that Super Bowl. Take the 30 seconds to watch it in case you missed it.

As far as Super Bowl commercials go, it wasn’t bad. For the night, I ranked it in the top 15 of all of the commercials. Wouldn’t you know that there are real rankings for these things and the MINI commercial didn’t fare near as well as I ranked it.

Ad Meter actually scores and ranks the commercials. See the list here but I can save you the click. With a score of 5.30, it ranked near the bottom.

As far as MINI commercials go, I don’t think it was a great one. Personally, I think the Countryman ‘Flow’ commercial was much better and would have been a better choice for this spot.

Comments are open, what did you think?

Personally, I think the Chrysler 200 (in Detroit) was the best, and it’s nowhere near the top of that list.

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  1. You know me, I love innuendo more than most but the whole thing came over as crass to me.

    I think my favourite ad was the Ozbourne/Bieber one though man I hate that punk.

  2. Well then, let’s compare the activity on YouTube.

    As of my writing this, the Countryman ad has
    88 likes, 36 dislikes, 79 comments.

    The VW Darth Vader ad:
    98,724 likes, 1,567 dislikes, 19,275 comments

    A 30 second ad on the Super Bowl is $3 million. What a disaster.

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