MINI Update, final

I finally, after all of the bank crap and credit bullsh*t and whatnot, have a MINI Cooper in my driveway! Did the deal on Thursday and brought her home. 250 miles on the odometer so far too!

some observations/impressions…The new MINI (VR/W, all packages, leather) is very nice….the color is beautiful too, and if you have not seen a Velvet Red MC in person, try to find one…..The MC is surprisingly more comfortable than the MCS, and daily driveability is much much better…she scoots along quite nice, I just wish that break in didn’t take so long…love the leather!

Once I get about 3,100 miles on her, I plan on doing a complete comparision between the MC and MCS. Since the mileage so far is really low, it won’t do any good

Again, this will now change to a Motoring Blog!!!!