MINI’s in Space?

Holy Cow! Have you seen this?

Or this?

Looks like there might be some people with a little too much time on thier hands. From this story:

Viewpoint Creative and the SciFi Channel have teamed up to create the promotional campaign for the net’s newest reality series, “Master Blasters.” “Blasters” pits amateur rocket scientists against each other in a race to build and launch bizarre objects into orbit – anything from a Mini-Cooper to a living room sofa.

Wow! A reality show where they shoot stuff into space? That’s almost better than Mythbusters where they spend an hour blowing s**t up! I guess I need to watch more Sci-Fi channel.

Anyone see this yet?

4 replies on “MINI’s in Space?”

  1. There were several of us from MetroplexMini there. There was a malfunction and we left after waiting for for about 5 hours for it to happen.

    Turned out that the launch took place about 40 minutes after we left, darn the luck.

    I have pictures of the prep though!

  2. I know I wouldn’t have volunteered to ride in anything where a bowling is part of the safety system :)

    Welcome to dbmini Yucca! Nice to see you comment!

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