More Bashing of the R60

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You might have heard Woofcast 431, in which we all pretty much agree that would don’t really like the Countryman. If you read my review from last November, you would have read that I don’t really like the Countryman.

Here’s the thing. Drive a BMW 3 series, then drive an X3. You will notice many similarities in the driving dynamic of those vehicles. Now, go and drive any MINI built at Oxford and then drive a Countryman. After you stall it once or twice, you might notice what most people do. The Countryman is nothing like a MINI.

That’s not to say it’s a bad car. It’s totally capable, versatile and comfortable. I just happen to think that it’s not very MINI like. That’s not to say that I think you shouldn’t like it, because that is definitely not the case. You can love the hell out of that MINI. I don’t judge.

What I do like about that MINI, and I said this on the MINI Facebook page this week regarding the Paceman, is that it is bringing even more people to the brand and introducing them to the awesome that is not only MINI, but MINI owners. We are a pretty rad group. That and it’s bringing in money that will be used for R&D on cool new stuff, on fun events and other neat things that we all get to take advantage of.

I don’t hate the Countryman. I just don’t think it’s very MINI-like. The JCW Countryman, however, I will have to report back on when I get the chance to drive it. Something Todd got to do and we’re bugging him to write something up about it.

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