My website is sick!

Thanks Ian for pointing this out.

Some of you might be experiencing diffulcuty either accessing dbmini or you could get here and the site might be completely unreadable. I am now aware of this and will be taking steps to fix it today!

Update…I have been in the process of moving all of my sites to a new server. I will be moving dbmini in the next few days. I’ll be sure to post once the move happens. You should notice a thing except for a new address for the RSS Feed and there might be a slight delay in accessing the gallery.

Thanks for you patience!

3 replies on “My website is sick!”

  1. Oh, I was wondering what that was… is that the thing where it just looks like the styles aren’t being applied sometimes? That happened the other night when I visited…

    Good luck!

  2. Paul…I meant that too. Hey, someone has toot my own horn, right? :)

    Miles…yea, that’s exactly what it is. happens when you try to view the archives too, or you get 403 errors. I’m pretty sure my .htaccess is borked, so it won’t be going with the new server.

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