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Dirty EngineThe MINI has been running a little rough for the last couple of weeks. Since I knew it wasn’t the plugs (I replaced those about 10K miles ago), I figured it must be the plug wires.

Ordered up a set of Cobalts from Moss and got them installed.. Super simple as always, or at least when I put the Magnecore wires on at about 32K miles.

Huge difference. If I was paying attention and thinking straight, I would have replaced the plug wires when I replaced the plugs. Let this be a note to you, the owner of a MINI Cooper coming up to the 120K mile mark. Get them both at the same time. You’ll be glad you did.

I think I mentioned this a long time ago, but the reason for the switch to higher quality, aftermarket plug wires was because after I installed the K & N Typhoon intake, I thought she ran just a little rough. Barely noticeable in fact, but I could tell something just wasn’t quite right. So I swapped wires and everything smoothed right out. Or at least I think it did.

BTW, Moss MINI has a great price on the plugs. You know, just in case the parts desk at your dealer wants to charge you $40 for each one.

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  1. I just purchased and received today a set of Jackson Racing Wires from Moss MINI. I previously had high quality wires on and the car ran fine but after installing the Jacksons the acceleration was much smoother and butt dyno felt an increase in power?


  2. Same here with the Jackson Racing Wires. I ordered mine from Moss MINI and replaced some “high quality” wires with the Jacksons…WOW, what a difference. Same thing, butt dyno felt increase and now the engine is Smoooooooooooooth!

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