Only 24 days left

yep, 24 more days until Roxy is built (estimated)! still hoping for a change, but I would be just as happy if I have a pre-XMAS delivery. drove back from picking up trash (and, as it turned out, rocks) today. that is such a tedious drive, boring and all that, especially when there isn’t a single MINI in sight! sheesh, maybe on the drive in to work or sometime this week I’ll see one. of course, I will have to do the obligatory drive by Crevier, especially since it looks like they have taken delivery of a few more. according to the website, they have a BRG MC on the lot, gonna have to get another look…for those of you not familiar with my Roxy…MCS, BRG/W roof, mirrors and wheels, pack 1 (premium – includes cruise, multi-function leather steering wheel, sunroof, auto-AC, on board computer) & pack 2 (sport – includes 17″ wheels with runflat performanc tires, Xenon headlamps and foglights, DSC, bonnet stripes which I am not getting). just added a link over there to Roxy. made it with the MINI configuration tool! let me know what you think!
more later