Went to the fair

so, today was at least 105 degrees, and not always being of sound mind and body, decided to pack up the crew and head out to the LA county fair! did I mention that it was hot?

Anyway, while cruising through the buildings full of vendors selling the latest as seen on tv gadgets and gizmos, I stumble upon someone selling toy cars. Low and behold, they have mini MINI’s, and even a BRG/W! sure, it’s cheesy, not quite right, and when you pull it backwards it rolls forwards, but I still thought it was fairly nifty.

Final for this day

I just added links on the left to download both the real MINI Manual and the Un-authorized version (which is pretty funny)

to get these files, right click on the links and choose save target as. If you use your left mouse button, you will see a Yahoo!/Geocities error page, and not get the benefit of being able to peruse the manuals for your self.

more later

Drove a go-cart

went down to the local putt-putt golf course tonight with my son and we got to ride the gocarts…now, if they could just figure out a way to put a super-charger on a lawnmower engine, it would have been just like a MCS, almost…

112 days to go

three days after I ordered my mine, I still just can’t wait until I can drive it*. but, by my count, I really only have to wait about 112 more days…

*please note the lack of sex designation and name for my MINI. I believe that I won’t really know either until it finally arrives.

more later

Oh yea, I ordered a MINI!

I forgot to mention, and this has been cause for grins for the better part of last night and this morning, but I was able to drive an MCS last night after placing my order! I am gonna get into SOO much trouble with that car! I was just motoring along, then I got a section of the dealers ‘loop’ that is a nice little ‘S’, got to fly right by another car, on the OUTSIDE!

Oh yea, and the interior at night looks awesome! like a jet cockpit or something! I hope I can make it until mid-January…

more later