A quick review does show me the last repairs done on this MINI, and here I was today, hanging out in the shop with Jerry, thinking it was lost for good. Whew. While I’m failing lately at being a blogger, it’s good to know that I’m still keeping this going as a journal, somewhat.

Anyway, everything has been problem free since the last time Hank spent time in the shop. And having the back window delaminate from the top. Besides that, problem free. Yep.

Oh, except the air conditioning system crapping out. Luckily, this literally happened during the last week of moderate temps in Arizona, so I’ve been able to wait this one out for a bit. Also lucky that this did not throw an anxiety inducing error message on the screen, unlike the constant reminders for service, the occasional tail light outage and the brake light. Wait, brake light?

I just had brakes done a bit more than a year ago. Oh, must be the rears. A quick call verifies and I make my service appointment with that in mind. MINI on the lift, examination of the brakes on all 4 wheels shows no brake job is needed. Further investigation shows that the error is for the front brakes, which are practically brand new. This is an error that was on a timer. WTF? Are you fucking kidding me? This wasn’t triggered by a sensor, this was triggered from something like X miles or power cycles or fuel cap removals? All of that anxiety to drive me into the shop (where this car will end up anyway) for no reason? So not cool.

Anyway, still trucking. Cooler now thanks for the new AC unit. Thankfully covered by my extended warranty company, who I am sure is not happy about agreeing to cover this MINI. I think they are out close to 5K at this point. Or, rather, I have saved close to 5K at this point.

Next up, road trip to Vegas in March. Listen to the show for details!

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