Roxy Upate III

I was detoured this morning around Ortega Hwy. So, since I was driving by the shop anyway, I stopped in and Checked on Roxy.

Still waiting on parts (bumper and seat frame), but she is sitting in the shopped covered in a giant plastic bag everywhere except the boot. Last night they primed her in preparation for paint. Can’t even think about seeing the dents either.

The service writer then gave me a complete tour of the shop, showing me where the paint shop was and all that. What they do is paint the car and the bumper at the same time, but not with the bumper installed. Then, once the paint has dried, they install the bumper and all the other stuff that currently is not on the back of the car.

The shop itself was VERY busy with mostly BMW’s in 1 stage or another of repair. Eventhough it was busy, it was also very clean. There were a few MINI’s there as well, 1 DS/W with the front end completely disassembled and a CR/W MC with some front end damage.

Of course, I had to stop at Crevier on the way to the office too, where I saw the MCS I would be ordering, or at least very close to it. What an awesome color combo!

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  1. perhaps a little of both…depending on the summer I have or if I win the lotto tomorrow night ;)

  2. um, no, I don’t think so. I already sent in the memo to the lottery offices and everything.

    You can have it next week ;)

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