SCCA Rules Change

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SCCA Pro Racing Ltd. announced today that a rule prohibiting forced induction in its SPEED Touring Car Championship will be lifted, meaning turbocharged and supercharged vehicles will be eligible for competition in 2005. It marks the most significant rule change since the series was restructured in 1999 with partner SPEED Channel.

In a bulletin distributed to teams, the program, which will begin with forced induction cars eligible for practice sessions later this year, opens the door for a number of new models to compete in the series, which has been naturally aspirated up until this point.

�As the North American automotive marketplace shifts, it is important to the continued growth of World Challenge that the GT and Touring Car classes continue to evolve to remain i n s tep with industry trends and the market,� the bulletin, distributed by SCCA Pro Racing as a whole said. �With the introduction of Forced Induction by many auto manufacturers in their sport compact lineup, SCCA Pro Racing believes that it is appropriate to introduce this technology into the SCCA SPEED World Challenge Touring Car Championship to ensure that the series continues to produce racing that is relevant and accessible to teams, sponsors, consumers and race fans.� (more…)

This is some great news for you MCS owners!