SCMM at Willow Springs v2.0

SCMM spent the weekend out at Willow Springs Raceway with RacerFactory. I was only there trying to do something cool for the podcast but was unsuccessful.

From the looks of things everyone was having a great day, if not just a little on the warm side. Sure, some of the MCS’s had power steering problems from overheating. Yea, someone went off the track and did a bit of damage (hole in the oil pan, ugh), but these things happen.

What was very interesting is that there were so many beginners this time around they had to be broken into more than 1 group! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Lots of ‘yeehaws’ and lots of ‘that was awesome!” being heard today. It was great!

Check out the pics of the Cosworth MINI. That’s Bill’s and not only did he haul me around for 3 laps, he was also kind brave enough to let me drive a few too! Thanks Bill!

(Photo courtesy Phil Suptin)

All pictures courtesy the Lad. Check out the whole gallery here, and NAM Calendar Regular Phil Suptin has posted some awesome pictures here.

update – Links to a gallery was broken. It has been fixed.

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  1. i took the pictures…i was realy hungry when i was done.
    thanks dad for takin me (and nobody harsh on him because i was hungry)

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