SCMM Night at the Races

Yet again, SCMM members got together to spend a night at Irwindale Speedway for some showin’ off and race watchin’!
Lots of MINI's

43 MINI’s running at ‘chaparroned’ speeds on the figure 8 track to start the nights festivities, followed by some truck racing, some car racing and, of course, the figure 8 race featuring once again Jesse James.

It was another great event. Highly recommend getting out to watch if you ever get the chance.

Full gallery will get posted tomorrow. I’m beat!

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  1. Hello!

    I went to this event with a friend and her husband, he is in this car club, and we sat right next to the area where i guess most of the mini club members were at (at the top of the bleachers), and I noticed a gentleman, about 5’10 med. built, fair complx. cauc, bald wearing jeans, sandals and a nice white plaid shirt, with a navy blue jacket, looks like a dickies jacket, was sitting with a women 5’5 short red hair and she was wearing jeans, and a brown velour jacket, with another lady with black curly hair( I think in a pony tail, kinda looked like the lady showing her red tongue with black sunglasses on the main page. and I belv. a black sweat shirt and black pants, and I wanted to introduce my self to this guy, but just couldnt get the nerve, he kinda reminded me of Chris Judd(jlo ex husband) if you have any idea who this gentleman is please let me know? i would like to meet or talk with him. Thanks, Ginger

    Hope you can help!!

  2. His name is Mark. He was sitting with Janet and LeeAnn. He drives a DS JCW MCS Cabrio and I’m pretty sure he is married, but I have been wrong before.

    I will be sure to pass this along next time I speak to him

  3. Thanks, for responding! Does he belong to the SCMM? Please give him my email address, when you do see him!

    P.S. didn’t notice a wedding band on his finger!
    Thanks, Again!

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