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You remember last week I had a list of things to check for you with the higher mileage MINIs. Today I will be adding a new item.

That, my friends, is what a broken lower control arm on an R50 looks like when you are stranded on the side of the road.

That is what said control arm looks like after it has been replaced with the newer design. Please note the lighter metal (where the break happened today) vs. the darker metal (where it was already broken).

Upon installation, the other side is also bent, but not broken, and a replacement has already been ordered.

This part should cost $150US or less from your dealer. Takes about 10 minutes to install with a jack, an 18mm socket and 18mm box wrench.

More on what happened later. I’m fine, and the car is ok. But y’all might enjoy the story of actually getting the part and getting it installed.

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  1. I probably would’ve been poopin’ bricks if it’d happen to me on the Ortega.

    Anyway, if the arms take too long to arrive, you know who has some stock ones. (I also have the old stock rear control bar if ever the need arises.)

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