As the kids say, tell me db got a new MINI without telling me he got a new MINI? If you know you know.

After the window completely delaminated for the 2nd time in the roadster, I was done. With 105K miles on the clock, there were also some issues that needed to be tended too. To be honest, I never really liked that MINI, so I really didn’t want to spend $6k on repairs (including a new top). My search started back in June and I was looking for a unicorn. Not, not a dark silver/white R53, but a current generation MINI, 2016 or newer, meeting most of the following:

  • Manual transmission
  • H/K Stereo
  • Needed to be an S
  • No sunroof

Like I said, a unicorn. But I was patient and I keep looking. I had to expand my search to include Tucson, San Diego and Vegas to even get manual transmission cars to show up! I also wasn’t expecting to be able to meet all of my expectation, but alas, sitting on the lot of a Hyundai dealership in Cottonwood, Arizona, I found the MINI I was looking for!

It is a 2016 and we are referring to it as a super light for a reason; besides HK, this MINI is stripped. No heated seats, no backup camera, no PDC, no LED headlights. Nothing. No, it doesn’t have that either. Seriously stripped. And it’s perfect. While I would have liked to have heated seats, for this MINI I’m ok without. And, it’s in very good shape for a 5 year old car with 60k miles. I’ll be taking it down for an oil change and check up soon along with motor mount replacements.

I had to give it a windscreen (dealer paid) and still have yet to actually correct the paint with machines as there are a couple of spots that need polish, but claybar, wax and 303 to get it through the rest of summer will do the trick.

On the off chance that you missed it, we started up White Roof Radio again. There are 3 brand new episodes in your feed. And I’m jonesin for MINI event. If you hear of anything fun happening in Arizona, leave a note below!

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  1. How are you liking the Moonwalk Grey? I am thinking of getting back into a MINI (been in a Subaru for a few years now) and the Cooper SE makes a whole lot of sense for my commute. I have always wanted a Chili Red with a white roof, but Moonwalk Grey with white is calling to me. I’d also put some bonnet stripes on it. So glad WRR is back. I missed it. And it’s perfect timing as I find myself drawn back into the brand.

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