You might remember me complaining about poor MPG and performance on the drive to AMVIV earlier this year. Then, you might remember that I upgraded my air filter from factory to K&N (because K&N). I’ve been monitoring my MPG since and that small changes has been giving me about 2 mpg per tank during Phoenix heat and average speeds of less than 35MPH. 28 – 29 in those conditions isn’t too shabby.

This weekend I had the chance to drive to San Diego. The drive is mostly flat desert, with the cruise control set to 80MPH. There are 2 sets of mountains that need to be traveresed and I’m happy to report that Bruce was able to tackle them both without any issue. Sure, there were a couple of grades where I had to drop into 4th, but I was able to accelerate in 4th gear and maintain 75 – 80MPH over those hills.

Even pulled a respectable almost 36 MPH on the trip out. I doubt my return trip MPG will be as good since it is way more up hill going to Phoenix from the ocean, but I’m confident that number will be greater than 32.

The only down side to the trip was losing the front air diverter from the JCW body kit. I don’t think I hit anything, but passenger side came off on I-8. I stopped shortly after to check on it and sure enough it was gone and the driver’s side was about to fall off. I went ahead and removed it and will start looking for replacements. More on that later.

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