What Was Old, Can Be New

What you are seeing above is a comparison of headlights. The shot on the top is pre-polish. The shot below is post. As you can see in the top shot, my headlights were looking a little worse for wear. And they worked about as good as they looked.

So, a little splurge today. Twice actually. I gave Roxy her first full service car wash since I actually worked for a car wash. And, when the ticket writer said to me, in a last ditch effort to get more than a car wash sale out of me, “lemme do your headlights for $30”, I acquiesced. And I’m glad I did.

Besides looking better, my headlights are actually useful again! Safety first and all that, right? This is another one of those things that fall under the should-have-done-a-long-time-ago category.

Honestly, Roxy’s lights _weren’t_ that bad. Mom’s PT Cruiser (same yea, about 90K miles), were much, much worse. And still are. I think I know what I will be getting her for Christmas.

If your lights are cloudy and not as clear as they were when you first bought your MINI, I would highly recommend a trip to either your local full service car wash to see if they offer the service, or cruise over to Harbor Freight/Amazon and pick-up the 3M kit for about $20. You’ll be glad you did!

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    1. By external I think you mean only on the outside of the light covers? Yes, external only. If they were so bad that the insides were clouded, you would have to replace the entire light assembly I think. Also, there is no way to do the inside of Xenons.

    1. Not buying mom a new PT. lol

      They didn’t do my rears. I think I’m going to use the 3M kit on them. They aren’t too bad, but are a little cloudy.

  1. All PT cruisers seem to be afflicted with cloudy headlights, glad it can be fixed!

    but Roxy? omgwtflolroflmao

    1. 255,000 miles since 2003 will do amazing things to a car that you wouldn’t expect under normal wear. Like, cloudy headlights. Also not helped by the fact that I don’t have Xenons.

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